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Earnings per click (EPC) is a key performance indicator in affiliate marketing that measures the average dollar value earned each time someone clicks your affiliate link. It is used by affiliate managers and affiliate partners to measure how effective the partner program efforts are, particularly related to PPC (ay per click) ads.

The formula to calculate EPC is calculated by total earnings from a link divided by the total number of clicks on that link.


When she noticed the new AI photo editing tool's. affiliate program has a high EPC, so as an affiliate partner in the space, Kara prioritized promoting it to her audience.


PRM tools, or PRMs, are software platforms designed to manage and optimize partnership relationships from end-to-end. They include functionalities such as onboarding documentation and support, analytics and sales data, communication tools, link tracking and lead/deal submission tools.

PRM tools help businesses streamline partner engagement, increase sales through their channel network, and foster long-term, profitable partnerships.


The software company implemented robust PRM tools to streamline onboarding new cosell and improve communication throughout the partner network.


White-labeling refers to the practice of licensing a SaaS product and then rebranding it under your own company's name and logo. White-labeling involves licensing, re-branding and distributing an existing product to your own market of end customers.

White-labeling means that a company can get a product to market faster, with less development costs. A good practice when white-labeling is to consider integrations to add further value to the end customer and increase retention.


The marketing agency white-labelled the CRM software and integrated it with their own marketing automation platform to offer a comprehensive solution to their clients.

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