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[maar·kuh·tuhng paart·nr]

A marketing partner, also sometimes known as an affiliate partner, is someone who drives traffic to your properties through tracked links, and earns a cut of your profits when that traffic converts. They are able to expand the reach of your brand by promoting to their respective niche audiences.

Example: If a CRM integrates with a video marketing platform, then that CRM would be a great candidate for a marketing partner for the video platform.



Co-selling is the act of bringing a third party partner from outside of the business to support and close a sales deal. By bringing in this external member to act as an extension of the sales team, it helps strengthen the sales pitch and close the deal.

Typically, a co-selling partner should be someone who has credibility in the space and can speak to why a SaaS product would be a good fit for the customer.

Example: To have successful co-selling relationship, your partner manager will need to develop a co-marketing plan to outline business goals and joint messaging for the two businesses.



Co-marketing is core to partnerships. It is the act of two similar businesses joining together for a mutually-beneficial marketing partnership in order to reach new potential customers.

Co-marketing is often used interchangeably with the term co-branding, however co-branding requires that two companies join together to market a new collaborative product, while co-branding does necessitate the companies creating a new product. Instead they are using the partnership to market their already-existing owner service or product.

Example: Rajit developed a co-marketing campaign to expand his company's reach by working with a business that targeted a similar ideal customer.

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