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[ah-fill-ee-it part-nur]

Affiliate partners are partnerships that drive traffic to your properties through tracked links and earn a cut when that traffic converts. Affiliate partners are a subset of marketing partners.

An affiliate partner can be a business, an individual, or another affiliate program. Affiliate partnerships can expand your company's reach and increase revenue through increased exposure and marketing reach.

Also see: Marketing partner, affiliate link


[sayls fuh·nuhl]

A sales funnel is a marketing model that illustrates the journey of a consumer leading up to the point of purchase. It serves as a visual representation of the steps a consumer takes before buying something.

The sales funnel usually consists of a top, middle, and bottom, but may be broken down into as many as six stages. The top of the funnel represents the awareness stage in which a consumer becomes aware of the product or service. The middle of the funnel is the interest stage wherein consumers learn about the product or service and how it can help them. The bottom of the funnel represents the decision stage wherein a consumer is actively making the decision of whether or not to purchase.

Example: A low-touch sales funnel is a simplified buying journey where there are minimal steps from awareness to point of purchase.

The payout partners receive for generating leads and revenues. It's almost always monetary, but can occasionally take the form of leads, giveaways, or marketing funds.

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