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[soo·per uh·fil·ee·ayts]

Super affiliates are the exceptionally influential and high-performing affiliates partners who play a strategic role in driving sales and revenue for a B2B SaaS company. These whale partners typically have a large and engaged audience, extensive industry expertise, and a track record of consistently delivering results.

Super affiliates often have specialized knowledge in the software's niche, enabling them to effectively market and endorse the product to their network, leading to significant growth and brand recognition for the SaaS vendor. Building strong relationships with super affiliates is a key component of a successful partnership ecosystem, as they can significantly amplify the reach and impact of the software within the target market.

Example: Approximately 20 per cent of the total partner-sourced revenue for the Kevin's affiliate partner program was driven by one outstanding partner, a super affiliate with a certified knowledge of Kevin's software and the ability to build trust and close partner deals.


[pahrt·ner ak·tuh·vay·shun]

Partner activation is the act of Mobilizing the partners you've recruited and motivating them to complete tasks that are beneficial to your business. By engaging and enabling a partner, they are able to effectively promote and sell your software or services to their own customer network. The partner activation process typically involves providing training, resources, marketing materials, and support to help partners drive adoption and generate revenue.

Example: The strategy for our referral partner program includes comprehensive partner activation, to ensure that our collaborators have the necessary tools and knowledge to successfully pitch and implement our software within their client organizations.


[pruh·fesh·uh·nuhl ser·vuh·siz]

Professional services refers to specialized and customized offerings provided by a software company to assist their clients in implementing, optimizing, and integrating the software into their business operations. These services often include consulting, training, customization, and technical support to ensure the software meets the specific needs of the client's organization.

Example: As part of their B2B SaaS partnership, the software company not only provided their cutting-edge project management tool but also offered professional services to help the client tailor the tool's features to their unique workflow, ensuring a seamless integration.

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