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Upselling is the act of persuading a customer who is already making a purchase to switch their lower tier choice for a more premium option.
Upselling is a common sales tactic in both B2C and B2B marketing. Upselling is similar to cross-selling, which is when a salesperson persuades a customer to add additional complementary products to their purchase.

In B2B SaaS, this might be a longer subscription, or a more premium package that offers additional features or add-ons. In partnerships, your ecosystem partners can upsell or cross-sell your SaaS product to their existing customers as an effective marketing technique. Upselling is particularly effective when two SaaS companies partner together to offer a more inclusive service package of their complementary products.


Ecosystem partners can up the value of each customer by employing upselling and cross-selling tactics.


UTM stands for urchin tracking module. A UTM is a tool used to track the success of digital marketing campaigns. A UTM is a snippet of code attached to the end of a URL that can be used to pinpoint specific sources of traffic to a website. They generally include a traffic source, a medium, and a campaign code, but can include up to five parameters (campaign source, medium, name, term, and content).

UTMs can help you identify top-performing content pieces and determine which pieces of content are driving the most traffic to your site.


A normal URL without any tracking could look like www.example/com/bookdemo, and if you added four UTM parameters to it, it could look like