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[ee·kow·si·stm kwaa·luh·fide lee·d]

An ecosystem qualified lead (EQL) is a potential customer or business opportunity identified through a partnership ecosystem.

In the context of partnerships, an EQL is generated when a prospect is referred or introduced through a network partner. These leads hold a higher value as they come with a built-in level of trust and credibility, resulting from the endorsement or recommendation of the partner organization within the shared network.

Example: Clark, the partnership manager of a B2B SaaS CRM company, identified a promising ecosystem qualified lead when their network partner company, who creates document automation software, recommended a potential client who perfectly fit the ideal customer profile.

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[ee·kow·si·stm led growth]

Ecosystem-led growth is a growth strategy that prioritizes collaboration with network partners to foster sustainable expansion and shared success. This approach emphasizes the potential of partner networks to unlock untapped revenue opportunities, access new markets, and drive innovation collectively, rather than focusing on individualistic marketing efforts.

By harnessing the collective strengths of partners, ecosystem-led growth enables B2B SaaS companies to achieve greater competitiveness in today's interconnected network ecosystem.

Example: Through ecosystem-led growth, our B2B SaasS company maximized its market reach by forming strategic alliances with industry leaders, all coordinated by our skilled partnership manager, Joelle.

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Equity, in the workplace, is the promotion of fair and just policies and practices for each person in the organization regardless of gender, race sex, age, or other factors. Equitable policies include access to technology needed to complete a role successfully to being granted opportunities for career advancement. Unlike equality, equitable work policies are not about treating all individuals equally, but acknowledging that everyone comes from different experiences and may need different accommodations for their success. Equity issues often involve pay wage gaps, unfair treatment at work and a lack of opportunities for certain groups of people.

Example: One way to promote equity within your organization is to prioritize representation and wage equity.

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