Partner ecosystem platform

Partner ecosystem platform


[paart·nr ee·kow·si·stm plat·form]

A partner ecosystem platform is a centralized digital framework that facilitates collaboration and engagement between a company and its ecosystem partners. This platform streamlines communication, resource sharing, and joint initiatives, enhancing overall operational efficiency and fostering innovation within the network.

Example: Our B2B SaaS company successfully expanded its global reach by leveraging a cutting-edge partner ecosystem platform, enabling seamless interaction with affiliate, reseller and referral partners.

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Partner activation


[pahrt·ner ak·tuh·vay·shun]

Partner activation is the act of Mobilizing the partners you've recruited and motivating them to complete tasks that are beneficial to your business. By engaging and enabling a partner, they are able to effectively promote and sell your software or services to their own customer network. The partner activation process typically involves providing training, resources, marketing materials, and support to help partners drive adoption and generate revenue.

Example: The strategy for our referral partner program includes comprehensive partner activation, to ensure that our collaborators have the necessary tools and knowledge to successfully pitch and implement our software within their client organizations.

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Partner retention

A metric that looks at how many partners stay in a program over time.

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