PartnerStack by the Numbers

Research Lab provides facts and data that can help grow your ecosystem through actionable insights and the power of PartnerStack.

Research Lab Charts

Commerce flowing through PartnerStack is on the rise.

PartnerStack has enabled the total yearly GMV (Gross Merchandise Value) on the platform to more than double year over year for the last six years. Indicating a strong growth trajectory of the economic impact we facilitate every year, every dollar of GMV is a dollar of value captured by a vendor’s ecosystem and a good and/or service sold to a partner.

Record breaking GMV growth in 2022: $400M.

PartnerStack data reflects more customers and transactions — at a higher ticket — that has resulted in record GMV growth.

PartnerStack’s platform is able to generate volume for vendors.

When we’re breaking down how many new prospective customers turn into actual paying customers, our implied conversion suggests the volume of new customers PartnerStack as a platform is able to generate for vendors. If we’re looking at a typical conversion rate like Google Ads (4.4%), PartnerStack outperformed this average in 2022 with our implied conversion rate of 14.3%.

Customers are investing in higher value software.

Not only are customers transacting more — but we are seeing a growth of 79% year over year with the average transaction amount per paid customer.

Our Partners have earned a record of $45M in rewards.

Not only did we break records for rewards earned through PartnerStack, but our data shows the average amount of an “earning partner” also increased in 2022 — and continues to increase in 2023.

Partners were active as they closed out 2022.

Partners engagement with the PartnerStack platform grew in the last quarter. Though activity can vary throughout the year, with exception like the Covid peak in 2020, partners typically get more active before the new year begins. The growth pattern indicates that PartnerStack continues to grow with our partner base.

PartnerStack pays out rewards to partners around the world.

Partnerships grew and expanded in 2022. PartnerStack’s data allows us to map out each rewarded partner’s most recent login to our platform — and last year, our global reach diversified and made monetization possible in more than 120 different countries. Our partners exist all around the world — and are logging in from various timezones.


Where we get our data
This proprietary ecosystem data is analyzed and synthesized into insights from our network. It is anonymized.
PartnerStack Research Lab uses primary but fully anonymized data sourced from our ecosystem to gain rich insights into possibilities for growth in partnerships. We processed and analyzed this anonymized data to provide ecosystem benchmarks that help to seek answers within the partnerships industry.
Growth in revenue seen by the average PartnerStack customer
In revenue driven by partners on PartnerStack in the past year
Year-over-year growth in partner acquisition

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