Partner-driven represents highest revenue source for top performing sales reps

Top performers prioritize sources of revenue, not pipeline

Partner referrals are only 10% of pipeline, yet they account for 31% of revenue. For top performers, the sales velocity delta of partnerships — the speed and efficiency at which deals are closed and generating revenue — is higher than other channels, yet out of companies surveyed by Pavilion and Ebsta, only 12% have a partnership program, meaning there’s revenue opportunities left on the table.

Key Metric
Sales velocity delta of top-performing sales representatives compared to the average of all sales representatives

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This proprietary ecosystem data is analyzed and synthesized into insights from our network. It is anonymized.
PartnerStack Research Lab uses primary but fully anonymized data sourced from our ecosystem to gain rich insights into possibilities for growth in partnerships. We processed and analyzed this anonymized data to provide ecosystem benchmarks that help to seek answers within the partnerships industry.
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