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Inbound vs. Outbound Partner Recruitment: Best Practices for Each Strategy
Outbound Partner Recruitment: Best Practices for Each Strategy. You’ll want to use both to build your network.

Everything You Need to Know About Outbound Partner Recruitment
Everything You Need to Know About Outbound Partner Recruitment. You’re just three outbound recruitment tactics away from landing your ideal partners.

How to Effectively Use the Partner Discovery Tool
Partner Discovery feature. drastically reduces the manual work of partner recruitment, helping you identify, qualify and convert new partners straight from your PRM.

Partner-Led Growth Kit: Your Go-To Resource for GTM Leaders
Getting started with Partner-led Launch a partner program that aligns with your business model and objectives.

Improve Your Partner Recruitment Process With PartnerStack Applications
Improve Your Partner Recruitment Process With PartnerStack Applications. Breaking down this popular PartnerStack feature to set your partner program up for success.

Partner-Sourced Revenue Definition & Meaning | PartnerStack
Partner-Sourced Revenue. Noun. A metric that looks at how much revenue can be directly attributed to a company's partners.

Marketplace Partner Definition & Meaning | PartnerStack
Marketplace Partner. Noun. A marketplace partner is a business partnership formed through an online platform that connects companies with potential partners and customers.

Partner Recruitment with PartnerStack | Platform Features
Ace partner recruitment. It shouldn’t be complicated. Discover the right partners for your program and make it easy for them to apply and join. Recruit. Activate. Track.

Learnings From My First Quarter as a B2B Affiliate Manager
I spent a ton of time searching for new partners, building out robust partner enablement email campaigns, and collecting partner promotional materials.

The Path to SaaS Channel Readiness, Part 2: Affiliate Partners
In addition to promoting your program through owned channels, promoting your program through a. partner network. can boost your partner recruitment efforts.

Optimize Your Partner Program on PartnerStack | Features
Optimize your partner program’s revenue by understanding the long-term impact your partners make on your program — and where you can make changes.

8 Affiliate Marketing Tools: Streamline Your Affiliate Management
Discovery and recruitment: The ease to find the right partners for your brand is simplified their their internal search of affiliates on the platform.

Recruit Your First 100 Revenue-Generating Partners
Recruiting partners doesn’t have to be hard — there’s a process for it, including tried and true partner recruitment steps that will help you gain your first revenue-generating partners

Partner Program KPIs: The Metrics You Should Measure and Optimize
But for that to happen, your program has to succeed at fulfilling four main objectives: Partner recruitment: getting new partners into the program.

How Unbounce grew their mature partner program 18% YoY with AIM | PartnerStack
From utilizing the Discovery Recruitment Tool, Premium Partnership Program and groupings, we have been able to effectively manage and build the Unbounce affiliate program.".

Expert Tips and Tricks to Revive Inactive Channel Partners
Why do channel partners go inactive?

STACK'D Connect: The B2B SaaS Event of Summer 2024
programs to effective partner recruitment techniques and optimizing affiliate programs for lucrative expansion.

Cleverbridge and PartnerStack Launch CleverPartners, A Game-Changing Offering for ISVs
Partner ecosystem management.

New ROI Study from GTM Partners Shows How PartnerStack’s Network Delivers $1 Billion in Sourced Revenue
agencies, affiliates, influencers and referral partners.”.

Partner Recruitment | PartnerStack
Get free ecosystem advice. Sign up for our newsletter to enjoy premium partnerships and ecosystem content you can’t get anywhere else.

How Our Certified Partners Grew With PartnerStack in 2021
Certified Partner Program.

Partner Program Strategies: How to Optimize in Two Hours
Our partners saw a similar spike in traffic, so we would increase our partner rev-share during those times to make sure we would get maximum engagement from our partners.

How Apollo ignited a 1,641% increase in average partnerships revenue | PartnerStack
Reorganization, recruitment, and the right tools.

How to Promote Your Program and Recruit the Right Partners
Creating your partner program landing page. Learning from your partner applications. Effectively marketing your program to partners. Step 1: Identify your target partner type.

12 Months Later: Signs Your Partner Program Launch Was Successful
You’ve identified the. key performance indicators. for partner recruitment, partner. activation. , partner engagement, and revenue.

The Top Performing Partner Programs in the Network
The Top Performing Partner Programs in the Network. These are the programs that go beyond their own direct partner recruitment and tap into the power of a B2B SaaS network.

Ultimate Summer Reading List 2024: The Best Partnership Stories This Year
Bailey Beckham showcases her expertise as a partnership professional as she takes readers into the world of partner recruitment — where she explores a variety of partner types and industries

This Is How Affiliates Can Use the PartnerStack Marketplace to Win
Find out how to maximize the potential of partnered sales by connecting with 80,000+ active partners.

How to Successfully Set Up Referral Programs (By Business Maturity Level)
Balazic recommends at least five sources, noting the importance of being “diversified in recruitment”. Choose the right referral marketing software.

What to Know About Bad Channel Partners — And How to Handle Them
As such, you can’t afford to be careless during partner recruitment because the results can be disastrous. We spoke with.

Everything That You Need to Know About the PartnerStack Network in 2024
A. partner network. is made up of a SaaS company’s partners, of all partner types.

How to Build a Revenue-Driving Partner Program Landing Page
How to Build a Revenue-Driving Partner Program Landing Page. Build your partner program landing page with ease with the tips and template in this guide.

Expert Tips on How to Scale a Partner Program With Stability
By doing this, he makes partners into partner recruiters.

How Riipen builds enablement for their four different partner personas | PartnerStack
Aside from providing an accessible repository of relevant and re-shareable partner marketing content, it becomes a hub for support, partner recruitment, and even partner education (

How PartnerStack’s Network Drives Customer Revenue
in annual commissions paid to partners.

How to Tailor Your Partnership Marketing Strategy to Your Customer Funnel
See more: Everything you need to know about outbound partner recruitment. Consideration stage.

How Partners Help Enable the 6 GTM Motions You Need for 2024
Seeing the potential for more partner-led growth, James shifted into a dedicated partner role.

Partnerships 101: The Ultimate Partnerships Checklist
Related: What kind of partner program is right for you. ? 2. Making friends: Growing your partner network. You’ve launched a partner program, congrats!

B2B Affiliate Marketing 101: A Beginner’s Checklist
“You need a platform that can help you manage your partners, engage your partners, as well as. pay your partners. on time.”.

How to Set Strategic Partnership KPIs to Drive Revenue in 2024
Partner-sourced revenue: The money that comes directly from deals that partners bring in themselves — sales that likely wouldn't have happened without that partner's involvement and

How Partner Networks Accelerate Your Program’s Success
We sat down with Andrew Kim, Head of Network Growth at PartnerStack, to uncover the power of partner networks and how to harness them. Partner recruitment.

5 Strategies to Take the Skepticism Out of Affiliate Marketing in 2024
Find the right affiliate partners. Partners make or break your affiliate program. Pick the right ones, and you’re bombarded with great leads.

Outreach Etiquette: How to Start an Agency Partnership the Right Way
This agency expert shares pro tips on partner recruitment. In this article, PartnerStack. agency partner. and founder of.

The Ultimate Guide to Partnerships for Ecosystems in 2023
T-shaped partner leader. You can also look to your competitors to find partners. Partners are rarely exclusive to one company.

The Path to SaaS Channel Readiness, Part 3: Referral Partners
But first: what makes referral partners different from affiliate partners? Referral partners vs. affiliate partners.

4 Partner Pros Enabling Their Partner Programs for Success in 2024
Ask an Expert. 4 Partner Pros Enabling Their Partner Programs for Success in 2024.

Partnership Activations: The Essential Guide to Igniting Ecosystem Success
These questions should evolve as you measure your partnership activation efforts and refine your. partner recruitment strategy. over time.

The Path to SaaS Channel Readiness: Reseller Partners
Buyers are increasingly looking to third parties (partners) to inform their decisions — working with partners allows you to reach those buyers.

Partner Playbook by PartnerStack | Celebrating Partners

GTM Partners & PartnerStack: Partner-Led Growth Webinar

Outbound Recruitment Definition & Meaning | PartnerStack
Outbound Recruitment. Noun.

Inbound Recruitment Definition & Meaning | PartnerStack
Inbound Recruitment. Noun.

Partner Journey Definition & Meaning | PartnerStack
Partner Journey. Noun. The partner journey describes each step a partner goes through when learning about, joining, and earning value through a partner program.

Partner Referral
Don’t settle on a half-baked partner program. Reach unlimited customers by building and growing your entire partner ecosystem.

Monthly New Partnerships Definition & Meaning | PartnerStack
Monthly new partnerships is a metric that is used to track how many new partners join a partner program on a monthly basis.

An Essential To-Do List to Launch Your Partner Program in One Quarter
One of the areas of your channel partner program that will require a lot of energy is your. recruitment.

Partner Programs | PartnerStack
Get free ecosystem advice. Sign up for our newsletter to enjoy premium partnerships and ecosystem content you can’t get anywhere else.

Partner Referral 15%
Don’t settle on a half-baked partner program. Reach unlimited customers by building and growing your entire partner ecosystem. Start today and get 15% off your first year!

PartnerStack | Partner Discovery Tool
Discover and recruit ideal partners for your ecosystem. Search through thousands of partners actively using PartnerStack to recruit high-quality matches for your program.

Partner Persona Definition & Meaning | PartnerStack
Partner Persona. Noun. Partner personas are research-based profiles that describe each different group of partners you work with.

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