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How Our Certified Partners Grew With PartnerStack in 2021

Learn how partners are growing their businesses and supporting clients with PartnerStack in this round-up of Certified Partner achievements from the past year!

If you visit the PartnerStack Marketplace, you’ll find partner programs from over 220 SaaS companies from all kinds of industries, from marketing and sales to productivity and development. And one of those programs is our very own: PartnerStack’s Certified Partner Program.

In 2021, PartnerStack saw our own partner-sourced revenue grow 280% from the year prior, with partners driving over 20% of our revenue for the year overall, milestones made possible solely by PartnerStack’s Certified Partners.

So to wrap up a successful year and start the next with gratitude and celebration, we’re highlighting the achievements of some of our top-performing Certified Partners, and how they help power the growth of some of the world’s best SaaS companies with partnerships.

All Inclusive Marketing

All Inclusive Marketing is a digital marketing agency with a heavy focus on affiliate marketing and program management. They’ve helped leaders in various SaaS verticals tackle partnerships through PartnerStack, and in 2021 grew client revenue growth by 30%YoY and increased their B2B clients by 100%, all while expanding their enterprise-level services and accounts.

CEO of All Inclusive Marketing Sarah Bundy told us: “We believe in adding value to our industry and clients by becoming experts on any platform we need to work on. As a PartnerStack Certified Partner, we have strengthened our strategies around utilizing PartnerStack’s features to drive growth across our B2B programs hosted on the platform, and we’ve seen improved results for our clients.”

A 2021 addition to our lovely bunch of Certified Partners, helps high-growth companies quickly discover, recruit, and enable partners at scale. They have developed and curated a partner database built for B2B companies, featuring over 220,000 resellers, agencies, and channel partners. 

The power and lift Grovia is capable of is probably best illustrated through the amazing success of their work with Gorgias, a powerful ecommerce help desk, that runs its partner program on PartnerStack. Grovia helped Gorgias grow partner revenue 19x in 2021, representing 50% of Gorgias’ overall company revenue. This was made possible through their PartnerStack integration which automates partner recruitment campaigns with in-house partner discovery and recruitment technology. This integration is part of Grovia’s self-service software suite, which helps companies discover partners and send recruitment outreach at scale. Check out their full case study here.

Ingram Micro Cloud

We partnered up with Ingram Micro Cloud to launch the Pinnacle Program, designed to provide B2B SaaS companies a quicker path to becoming channel-ready and working with all types of partners, including resellers. We were able to close out 2021 with 15 companies starting their partnerships journey through this incredible program. 

“This program is an exciting step forward in helping SaaS companies master the channel,” said Duncan Robinson, Vice President of Portfolio Management at Ingram Micro Cloud. “By partnering with PartnerStack, vendors get the infrastructure and methodology they need to build and scale their channel programs, which in turn prepares them for success within the Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace. The result is a full-stack solution for channel readiness.” 

To learn more about the Pinnacle Program check out our blog series that dives into the path to becoming channel-ready

Partner Commerce

“PartnerStack is like a Formula 1 race car and Partner Commerce is the driver,” says Adam Glazer, President of Partner Commerce, a full-service marketing agency that excels at performance-based modern partner marketing programs. And we’re glad to have Adam behind the wheel! In the past year, Adam and his team have guided three new partner programs for world-class, blue-chip SaaS brands to the finish line, establishing them on PartnerStack and setting them up for success in partnerships. To top it all off, Partner Commerce has also grown its network to 10,000+ B2B partners who reached 100M+ SMBs across the globe in 2021.

Westreich Consulting

Last but not least, Westreich Consulting, a boutique B2B affiliate marketing agency servicing SaaS and service brands. With 15 years of affiliate industry experience under their belt, they help brands onboard onto affiliate platforms like PartnerStack, design campaign strategies, recruit affiliates, and optimize performance. 

They exemplify the impact partnerships can have on scaling SaaS, with the ability to grow an affiliate program’s contribution to overall sales to over 20% in six months. In the same year, they launched four new B2B affiliate programs for companies with $1B+ market caps, three of which are listed on NYSE. They were even featured as an industry expert on Martech Record’s take on B2B affiliate marketing

And that’s a wrap! We’ve had an absolute blast working with all our Certified Partners in 2021 and are as energized as ever to accomplish even more in 2022.

Want to learn more about our Certified Partner Program or apply to join? Visit

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