Get the full picture: 360° view of partner performance

Never doubt your data again. Pinpoint partner attribution and trace every transaction back to its source before rewarding your partners.


Give credit where it's due

PartnerStack’s referral links make it easy for partners to drive traffic to your website and ensure partners get the credit they deserve when traffic converts.

  • Give every partner a unique referral link
  • Enable partners to create their own custom links
  • Automatically add UTMs to links based on partner groups

Sync up deals and updates

Make it a no-brainer for your reseller partners to register deals and keep your team up to date.

  • Create custom deal forms that capture the right info
  • Partners can update deal stages as they work to close
  • Approve and update deals directly from your CRM

Close deals faster

Speed up deal closures by assigning qualified leads to your partners with automated rules that can make out the good leads from the bad.

  • Assign leads to partners directly from your CRM
  • Notify partners when a lead is assigned to them
  • Automate lead routing to send leads to best-fit partners

Centralize all data

Abandon data silos. PartnerStack connects to your CRM to share data across apps without code or frustration so you can deploy your solutions in a snap

  • Ready-to-go integrations with the most popular CRMs
  • Create custom data fields that map to your CRM
  • Build new automation rules with an intuitive visual interface
“As someone who is not terribly tech savvy, I like the ease of use of PartnerStack, from the integration through to tracking of activity on our account.”
Nigel H

How PartnerStack works to
scale SaaS businesses

PartnerStack promotes your program to thousands of active partners and makes it easy to discover and invite the types of partners you’re looking for.
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Create custom, automated onboarding journeys for all of your different partner types and provide them with the resources and training they need to drive revenue.
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Both you and your partners get access to reporting that helps you optimize your performance. See reporting on revenue, rewards paid, lifecycle stages, and more.
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Follow the progress of every partner-sourced lead and ensure partners get credit for the revenue they drive, with easy two-way syncing to your existing CRM.
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Never worry about paying partners again. PartnerStack automatically calculates what partners are owed and pays them all at once — you get just a single invoice.
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