👋 Ditch spreadsheets,
auto-pay your partners

Your reputation is on the line. Pay partners the right amount at the right time — and do it just once a month, no matter how many partners you have.


Save your finance team 40 hours of work each month

PartnerStack solves your program’s biggest headache by tracking every partner-sourced transaction and calculates what your partners are owed.

  • Pay all of your partners with a single monthly invoice in their preferred method and currency
  • Review partner commissions before they’re paid out
  • Commissions are automatically available for partners to withdraw
Commission TRIGGERS

Build your ideal commission structure without limitations

Flexible commission triggers give you control over how much partners earn for every conversion and automatically calculates what partners are owed.

  • Trigger commissions based on any event like sign-ups and sales
  • Set up flat or percentage-based commissions for partners
  • Create unique commission structures for different partner groups

Spot the fakes and send them packing

PartnerStack won’t let suspicious activity cost you by preventing fraudulent partners from draining your program resources.

  • Scans all incoming partner applications and transactions
  • Automatically blocks flagged rewards from being paid
  • Dispute flagged transactions to unblock commissions
“I like the fact that PartnerStack allows you to fine-tune your affiliate programs in a very detailed way, create multi-level payout scenarios based on either flat rate or percentage, as well as create complex if-then conditions with triggers pertaining to the customer, transaction or partnerships.”
George V
Sales Manager

How PartnerStack works to
scale SaaS businesses

PartnerStack promotes your program to thousands of active partners and makes it easy to discover and invite the types of partners you’re looking for.
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Create custom, automated onboarding journeys for all of your different partner types and provide them with the resources and training they need to drive revenue.
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Both you and your partners get access to reporting that helps you optimize your performance. See reporting on revenue, rewards paid, lifecycle stages, and more.
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Follow the progress of every partner-sourced lead and ensure partners get credit for the revenue they drive, with easy two-way syncing to your existing CRM.
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Never worry about paying partners again. PartnerStack automatically calculates what partners are owed and pays them all at once — you get just a single invoice.
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