Ultimate Summer Reading List 2024: The Best Partnership Stories This Year

Need a good story to inspire this season? Don’t sleep on these must-reads.

Sniffing out an inspiring read that will captivate and delight you this summer? We rounded up the most buzz-worthy PartnerStack customer stories every B2B SaaS professional can enjoy. Head on outside, find a place in the shade and curl up with one of these sweet titles.

B2B critics have a lot to say about this collection of stories:

“The most suspenseful story of the summer.” — A marketing buyer

“It felt like the end of the world — until the VP of sales discovered indirect as a channel.” — A partnerships manager

“Partnerships opened up the door to revenue possibilities I couldn’t previously imagine.” — A senior manager

Here’s what you must read for summer 2024.

Nonprofits in Partnerships by Salvatore Salpietro

A cover image for the fictional book "Nonprofits in Partnerships" by Salvatore Salpietro

Nonprofits in Partnerships takes the reader into the exciting world of B2B SaaS. Salvatore Salpietro takes us on a journey that achieves goals and pipeline generation through best-in-class tech stacks while proving purpose-work can win in SaaS.

Salpietro was the first employee of Fundraise Up who had his work cut out for him. But with a big heart and a strategic mind, he built and scaled reliable revenue channels while supporting nonprofits in tech. Integrations were on his side, he assembled a strong program on PartnerStack, growing it with Crossbeam and Partner Fleet creating a seamless path to growth for his indirect channel.

This gripping tale shakes up the traditional nonprofit business model as it paves the way forward for others looking to do good in SaaS — proving earning trust and putting people first is still the ultimate triumph.

Ten Per Cent of Revenue in Partnerships by Jennifer Rhima

The fictional book cover for "Ten Per Cent of Revenue in Partnerships" by Jennifer Rhima

From book to film, you can now watch how’s Jennifer Rhima carved a path to revenue through partnerships. In this classic story of how a one-woman partnerships team used PartnerStack’s platform to transform a partner program into a significant revenue driver for the overall company — we pull the curtain back to reveal how the dedication of a partner program manager can change everything.

An inspiring partner leader, Rhima explores themes of automation, scalability, engagement and other partner tech advances that support a growing program. “PartnerStack provides a seamless experience for our partners through their messaging functionality, self-serve pay-out, access to partner resources, learning management system, referral links, and lead submission,” Rhima says in later chapters, sharing how she and her team love a reliable, user-friendly platform.

Before her team, there was one partner manager — and this is beautiful story of growth, people and revenue.

Two Years, One Affiliate Program by Kassigan Naiker

The fictional cover for "Two Years, One Affiliate Program" by Kassigan Naiker

Two Years, One Affiliate Program tells the incredible story of how Vendasta was able to drive more than $1.8M in affiliate program profits in less than two years on PartnerStack. Passionate and dedicated, Kassigan Naiker spills the tea on how he saves more than 37.5 hours per month by automating workflows, setting up triggers and partner groupings and more.

Following the success of the affiliate program, Vendasta is now ready to unlock the power of a reseller model. Readers will love the twist and turns as they follow Naiker on his journey of looking at PartnerStack for the marketplace — but discovering it had much, much more to offer.

Winning With 4,000 Partners by Bailey Beckham

The fictional cover for "Winning With 4,000 Partners" by Bailey Beckham

Winning With 4,000 Partners is an ecosystem success story that starts by tapping into the PartnerStack Network. Bailey Beckham showcases her expertise as a partnership professional as she takes readers into the world of partner recruitment — where she explores a variety of partner types and industries as she works to define CallRail’s partner experience.

Now available in video, this amazing CallRail story is about connection, hard work and a beautiful growing ecosystem. 

Growing a Mature Partner Program Year Over Year by Alex Nazarevich

The fictional cover for "Growing a Mature Partner Program Year Over Year" by Alex Nazarevich

In a first-of-its-kind story, Growing a Mature Partner Program Year Over Year takes the reader into the world of partnerships programs through the lens of a partner agency. Alex Nazarevich taps into high-performing All Inclusive Marketing agency to help grow Unbounce’s partnership program — and together, they explore everything from recruitment tools to premium partnership groupings. 

This gripping tale invites you to buckle up as you’re taken on an affiliates adventure you won’t forget.

Revenue Growth by Eric Semon

A fictional cover for "Revenue Growth" by Eric Semon

Revenue Growth is an energizing BreezyHR story that brings readers into the PartnerStack Marketplace where they cracked the code in winning through offers and partner programs. Eric Semon tells the tale of how a self-service tool was able to provide incentives and discounts for new users through affiliate and referral programs. 

Growth, of course, was inevitable. Revenue Growth digs into how BreezyHR saw 45 per cent year over year growth in partnerships-driven revenue.

Annual Recurring Revenue Through Partnerships by Bob Sparkins

The fictional cover for "Annual Recurring Revenue Through Partnerships" by Bob Sparkins

Annual Recurring Revenue Through Partnerships is a summer read you won’t want to miss. Bob Sparkins demonstrates the value of a partner relationship management platform after thinking beyond the CRM Leadpages was originally using. Because transparency and visibility into who partners referred and a breakdown of commissions was something meaningful to their program, Sparkins shows us how to put partners first as he tracks efforts and good work on PartnerStack.

A recommended reading for anyone who loves revenue growth through indirect channels.

Program Growth in Two Years by Adrienne Coburn

The fictional cover for "Program Growth in Two Years" by Adrienne Coburn

Adrienne Coburn opens up in Program Growth in Two Years as she invites readers into the world of partnerships through Oyster. Never shying away from challenges, this is the story of how Oyster started an affiliate program from scratch and found revenue success with it.

When Oyster turned to PartnerStack, automated email sequences, automated payments and marketplace listings became possible. Gone were the days of being chased for partner payments — who knew an all-in-one solution could unlock so many wins while paving a path for growth!

Partner-Driven Revenue Wins by Wassim Dakik

The fictional cover for "Partner-Driven Revenue Wins" by Wassim Dakik

Partner-Driven Revenue Wins starts in 2023 — but in a time of market chaos, bank collapses and an ever-changing SaaS landscape, Postscript came out of a tough year winning. Wassim Dakik tells the tale of how an indirect channel at a scrappy startup was able to drive 20 per cent growth in partner-driven revenue through trust and smart automations.

Doubling down on partner transparency, Dakik opens up on how it all became possible. Through powerful commission infrastructures, helpful data reporting, automated payments and other PartnerStack features, Postscript was able to see success while getting 50 hours per month back. It’s an enlightening read for any revenue leader this summer.

Editor’s note: These are fictional book titles based on PartnerStack’s customer case studies

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