How BreezyHR had 45% YoY growth in partnerships-driven revenue

"PartnerStack has helped us grow partnerships revenue without us having to invest a ton of time and resources. We immediately saw new partners coming in through the PartnerStack Marketplace start advertising our product and driving new customers."

Eric Semon
Partner Development Manager
The Problem

BreezyHR needed a tool they could set up and generate results. Being a self-service type of tool, they were looking to get partners right away to start advertising their product with minimal additional conversations.

The Solution

PartnerStack's Marketplace is a big part of how BreezyHR gets results through their offers and partner programs. They use PartnerStack to amplify Breezy's story through their affiliate program, refer friends through the referral program and use the tool to provide incentives and discounts for new users. Easy to use, they were distributing through the marketplace in no time.

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