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Cleverbridge and PartnerStack Launch CleverPartners, A Game-Changing Offering for ISVs

PartnerStack launches a new partnership with Cleverbridge, a top player in the customer lifetime value space.

Running a full renewal funnel together with a successful channel program just got a lot easier. 

We're excited to announce that PartnerStack and Cleverbridge have launched CleverPartners, a one-stop solution for accelerating B2B partner revenue and performance. CleverPartners allows you to tap into Cleverbridge’s product suite and world-class team while powering your partner programs on PartnerStack.

Why we partnered with Cleverbridge 

What is the secret sauce that makes Cleverbridge the perfect partner? Cleverbridge solves many problems through its comprehensive product suite.

Cleverbridge’s Growth Engine offers:

  1. Integrated global payments
  2. Subscription management
  3. Tax compliance
  4. Automated lifecycle marketing
  5. Advanced analytics
  6. Partner ecosystem management

By leveraging the joint CleverPartners offering, ISVs can automate the end-to-end partner management journey with PartnerStack while streamlining global payments, subscription management, lifecycle marketing, and more with Cleverbridge. 

The partnership just makes sense. It combines two complementary tools and teams together to create a solution that’s better than each on their own. 

Market impact of this new offering

We’ve already seen the demand for an offering like CleverPartners. ISVs are looking for efficient ways to scale and create sustainable growth. The time and inefficiencies associated with partner recruitment, payments, automation and reporting are made so much easier through this offering. This unique combination of impactful tools will save inordinate amounts of time for organizations while they scale, unlocking access to a top B2B partner network in the process. We’ve seen customers save close to 40 hours per month by utilizing PartnerStack’s tools.

“ISVs require top-tier tools and teams to scale their affiliate and channel programs effectively,” said Bryn Jones, CEO of PartnerStack. “With this new CleverPartners offering, ISVs can support their entire go-to-market by generating demand, closing new business, automating expansions and renewals, and simplifying the end-to-end partner management journey. I could not be more excited to collaborate with Cleverbridge to bring their B2B expertise to the forefront of partnerships and drive value together.”

We now know that “growth at all costs” is no longer a sustainable way to scale. As the market shifts to efficiency, it’s more important than ever to bring offerings like CleverPartners to B2B SaaS ISVs looking to scale.

“It's getting more expensive and challenging to acquire customers, with increasing marketing costs, traditional go-to-market motions declining in effectiveness, and fewer prospects willing to talk to a sales rep. In this environment, it’s critical that technology companies meet B2B buyers where — and how — they want to discover and purchase software,” said Wendi Sturgis, CEO of Cleverbridge. “With CleverPartners, businesses can expand their reach, unlock new revenue streams, and efficiently manage and scale any kind of partner program.”

Build a best in class ecosystem with this new partnership

Scaling a sustainable ecosystem with the right products and resources has never been easier. We’re excited to continue growing our offering with CleverPartners, specifically built to cater to the needs of B2B SaaS organizations globally. We couldn’t ask for a better partner to do this with and are excited for what 2024 and beyond has in store for our partnership.

To find out more about the partnership and new joint offering, read the press. If you want to learn more, book a demo and we’re happy to chat.

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