PartnerStack as a platform is able to generate volume when it comes to new customers for vendors

Implied conversion rates (2022)
Source: PartnerStack

When we’re breaking down how many new prospective customers turn into actual paying customers, our implied conversion suggests the volume of new customers PartnerStack as a platform is able to generate for vendors. If we’re looking at a typical conversion rate like Google Ads (4.4%), PartnerStack outperformed this average in 2022 with our implied conversion rate of 14.3%.

Key Metric
PartnerStack’s implied conversion rate

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Where we get our data
This proprietary ecosystem data is analyzed and synthesized into insights from our network. It is anonymized.
PartnerStack Research Lab uses primary but fully anonymized data sourced from our ecosystem to gain rich insights into possibilities for growth in partnerships. We processed and analyzed this anonymized data to provide ecosystem benchmarks that help to seek answers within the partnerships industry.
Growth in revenue seen by the average PartnerStack customer
In revenue driven by partners on PartnerStack in the past year
Year-over-year growth in partner acquisition

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