Account mapping

Account mapping


[uh·kount map·ing]

Account mapping is an ABM strategy that involves amalgamating and organizing an organization's customer data with their partner's data into one central location in a partner CRM. This can be done visually, creating an account mapping matrix that displays a wealth of valuable data about your partnerships ecosystem.

Account mapping can be done using account mapping software like Crossbeam. PartnerStack customers can easily map their accounts with a new integration between PartnerStack and Crossbeam.

Example: By using account mapping software, Amy, a partner manager at a SaaS company, was able to identify a high-value lead for her and her distribution partner. Through effective account mapping, Amy was able to better direct her marketing dollars for a stronger ROI.

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Affiliate network


[aff-ill-ee-it net·wrk]

An affiliate network, in B2B SaaS, is a digital platform that connects SaaS vendors with affiliate marketing partners. Once partnered, affiliates promote the products or services of the vendor for a commission on successful referrals or sales.

By joining an affiliate network, vendors can access a wide range of existing affiliates marketers, which enabling them to reach a broader audience and increase their marketing efforts. Affiliate networks may also allow custom filtering so vendors can narrow down on those affiliates who meet their specific criteria for their ideal partner profile.

Affiliates, on the other hand, can explore multiple  programs within the network and choose the ones that best align with their audience and interests. Affiliate networks provide a centralized infrastructure for tracking and managing affiliate marketing activities, including commission tracking, reporting, and payment processing. They also offer resources such as promotional materials, affiliate tools, and analytics to support the success of both vendors and partners.

Example: Matt's software company needed to boost their marketing efforts to meet their revenue goals. He spearheaded an initiative to join an affiliate networks in order to expand the business's reach through tapping into the affiliate marketers' niche audiences that were well-suited to their service.

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Authorized partner


[aw·thuh·rahyzd pahrt·ner]

An authorized partner refers to a third-party organization or entity with an official agreement to resell, distribute, or support the B2B SaaS product. This partnership is formalized through a contractual arrangement that grants the partner the authority to represent and sell the SaaS provider's software to end customers.

To designate a higher status to partners, a B2B SaaS company may have a formal training program for partners to become certified partner. This often comes through taking designated training courses that certify the partner's knowledge of their product.

Example: As an authorized reseller partner of Paola's software, Ricardo sold and delivered the product to end customers, earning Paola additional customers and income.

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