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Crossbeam and PartnerStack Partner Up to Drive Revenue Opportunities Through New Integration

PartnerStack launches a new integration with Crossbeam, a top player in the account mapping space.

Sharing data with integration partners just got easier. We’re excited to announce our newest integration with Crossbeam — the top account mapping tool for ecosystem led growth.

Now, with PartnerStack and Crossbeam’s integration, partnership teams can:

  1. See opportunities and customer overlaps
  2. Refer a lead directly into PartnerStack
  3. Track the progress of the lead through the sales cycle
  4. Receive notice and timely payment for deals closed

Partnership teams know the value of account mapping and PRM (partner relationship management) tools in their day-to-day work. This brand new integration improves the account mapping process, allowing partnership teams to decrease their manual work and experience seamless data flows. Crossbeam is a powerful data insights and account mapping tool and partnering with them to create this strong integration is a win for the broader partnerships ecosystem. 

"For years, partnership and revenue leaders have been asking us: ‘Does PartnerStack integrate with Crossbeam?'” says Bryn Jones, CEO of PartnerStack. “I'm very excited to finally be able to say yes. The integration between PartnerStack and Crossbeam is going to enable partnership and revenue leaders to connect two leading pieces of technology in their partnership tech stack, ultimately enabling teams to drive revenue through shared opportunities. I can't wait to see this integration bring partner-sourced revenue throughout the ecosystem and drive value to our vendors."

PartnerStack is optimistic about the Crossbeam integration into its growing ecosystem. As we look ahead to 2024, we continue to find smart and efficient ways to support growth through partnerships.

Why account mapping is changing the partnerships landscape

Account mapping is an essential part of the partner tech landscape, and something we value highly at PartnerStack. Crossbeam describes it as, “the comparison of data from your customer pipeline (like prospects, opportunities, and customers) to those of your partners”. They go on to describe how the process of cross-referencing ( or “mapping”) the lists against each other allows “a whole universe of opportunities” to emerge.

Crossbeam’s tool is unique because it automates flows, but also keeps information clean and clear. Partners can login and know immediately the best-fit prospects, opportunities, and customers that they can collaborate with you on, all within an interface that’s incredibly user-friendly. The ability to take this Crossbeam data and push it into PartnerStack takes the value of the two products that much further.

"This synergy between our tools empowers us to harness the full potential of our partner ecosystem and drives our collaborative success to new heights."

“In the realm of partner programs, interoperability of technology has long been regarded as the gold standard,” says Chris Friedel, Senior Manager of Partnerships at Crossbeam. “Ecosystem-Led Growth is transforming the way we view these partnerships. Within the partnerships space, there’s a select set of tools that partner leaders rely on to propel their success. When these tools seamlessly integrate and share their data, their collective impact is magnified substantially. This synergy between our tools empowers us to harness the full potential of our partner ecosystem and drives our collaborative success to new heights."

The power of the Crossbeam + PartnerStack integration

A gif demonstrating Crossbeam and PartnerStack's software integration

The integration allows users to identify the best-fit opportunities with partners in Crossbeam, and refer those leads directly into PartnerStack. Once you have a report ready to go, there will be a column labeled “PartnerStack”. Simply select the “Refer Lead” button, and a form will pop-up to input information. Simply fill the required fields out, and select “Submit Lead” to send the data to PartnerStack.

Upon logging into PartnerStack, users can click the “Referrals” button on the left side-bar to access the list of leads that have been referred into the tool.

To learn more, experience the interactive integration demo.

“With our new integration, mutual customers can effortlessly identify high-value opportunities within their partner ecosystem, making it easier than ever to refer leads directly from Crossbeam to PartnerStack,” says Amanda Groves, Senior Director of Product Marketing at Crossbeam. “This integrated approach allows partnership pros to not only track the progress of their leads in real time, but also simplifies the process of automatically compensating their valued partners on closed-won deals.”

Groves continues, “In the era of Ecosystem-Led Growth, this integration is one of the critical components to unlocking the full potential of collaborative success, streamlining partner relationships, and building sustainable momentum.”

“As a revenue leader, seeing this integration come to life is a game changer for our go-to-market motion with partners as it is our goal to see vendors succeed within our ecosystem,” says Nikita Zhitkevich, Senior Director of Revenue at PartnerStack. “The ability to seamlessly connect Crossbeam to PartnerStack will revolutionize the way partner teams do work in 2024 and beyond.”

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The integration already has glowing reviews

To ensure the integration was working perfectly, we tested it out with some current mutual customers. “The ability to add leads directly from Crossbeam is huge,” says Salvatore Salpietro, Chief Partnerships Officer at Fundraise Up. “Right on my partner sync, we can register them. We have a new top target accounts initiative that we will specifically be using this for. I’ve got big plans for it.”

Build a best in class partner ecosystem with Crossbeam and PartnerStack

PartnerStack is thrilled to collaborate with the team at Crossbeam to make ecosystem technology even better. With this new integration, it’s easier than ever for partnership professionals to discover new shared opportunities, sync them with your partner data, and drive ecosystem revenue.

To learn more about how Crossbeam and PartnerStack are the ideal combination for your ecosystem, book a demo and talk to a member of the PartnerStack team.

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