It’s helpful to understand partners as a part of how a company can choose to scale. The standard way a company does this is to hire talent internally, growing its go to market teams. Alternatively, a company can look to partners, third party entities, to grow its reach, similar to your sales and marketing team without increasing headcount. These partners can be individuals, consultants, or companies. There are many different kinds of partners each of whom provide different types of values, including affiliate partners, referral partners, and reseller partners.

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Partner newsletter


[part-nur news-let-tur]

A partner newsletter is an email newsletter regularly sent to your partners. Content may vary, but partner newsletters usually include some combination of relevant updates, product news, content, info about partner-focused events, and any other partner-centric information a vendor wants to convey to their ecosystem.

Partner newsletters are often sent bi-weekly or monthly, but cadence may vary. We recommend creating a partner newsletter as a way to keep partners engaged and in the loop of what's happening with the program.

Example: Chase wanted to shout out a webinar her partners would be interested in, so she included it in her monthly partner newsletter.

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PRM (partner relationship management)

A partner relationship management (PRM) software is a tool designed to facilitate the partnership experience from end-to-end. It is primarily used by partners to drive traffic, leads and deals to a vendor, and by a partner manager and their team to manage their partner relationships as well as support their partners.

Most PRMs should be enable resources sharing between the two parties. It should also provide communication tools, relevant analytic dashboards, as well as link tracking and lead/deal submission tools.

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