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The Best Tech Jobs for You Based on Your Zodiac Sign

This is why Geminis are the ideal software engineers.

There are devoted astrology fans and casual horoscope skimmers alike in every industry, tech included. It's fun to see what the stars say you should do on any given day, but what about with your career? Step away from the dashboards and emails for a moment and see what the best tech job for you is based on your zodiac sign. Okay, so you’re likely not going to make your next career move based on your zodiac sign (or maybe you are, which would be so Pisces of you), but the common characteristics of your zodiac sign may indicate that you’re more suited for certain roles over others. If nothing else, we hope you enjoy reflecting on your own strengths and seeing which tech jobs they’re suited for. From the analytical Virgos to creative Pisces, we’re breaking down what the top tech job is for every sign in the zodiac and why.

Aries: Product manager

aries zodiac illustration

An energetic sign that loves to lead and will happily dig into new projects with enthusiasm, Aries are well-suited to the high-level strategic planning, team leading, and client relationship management that comes with a product manager role. They’re direct, driven, and quick decision makers and will find synthesizing information and aligning the goals of multiple stakeholders in their product a satisfying task.

Taurus: Software developer 

taurus zodiac illustration

Taurus folks enjoy consistency and predictability, making them excellent at coding languages. Once they get into a groove with a task, they can keep at it for extended periods. Writing and testing code is sure to bring this sign satisfaction. Their stubborn nature means they will work hard to find and solve user obstacles (and likely won’t stop looking for solutions until they do!). 

Gemini: Software engineer

gemini zodiac illustration

Geminis are highly intelligent and adept at communicating complex ideas in simple language. The high-level planning and development of software systems is just the thing to keep those of this sharp sign stimulated. Gemini also prefer to work in collaborative environments as they thrive in social settings, bringing energy and ideas to the table. All of these traits make them well suited to software engineering. 

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Cancer: Web developer

cancer zodiac illustration

Sensitive and intuitive cancers can put their empathy to use by creating the best user interface for websites and web applications. Cancers have strong interpersonal skills which are a must when dealing with clients or other members of your organization. They’re also one of the most patient signs and will display that when working through the numerous updates and new requirements needed on any website or web application.

Leo: Digital marketing manager

leo zodiac illustration

Leos make excellent marketers. They are confident, absolute in their decisions, and are strong public speakers. Nothing makes a Leo sparkle like positive recognition. As a manager, Leos are highly encouraging, championing their team, projects, and brands. Their way with words and charisma will help them to lead the development of successful campaigns and their motivational nature will help their team feel highly valued.

Virgo: Data analyst

virgo zodiac illustration

Virgos are perfectionists at heart and love being and feeling productive, so they’re likely to enjoy this technical role in the IT field. As the most analytical sign in the zodiac, Virgos make quick work of sifting through large amounts of information and using analysis to extract valuable insights. Their attention to detail is perfect for the role of data analyst, where scrutinizing data and reporting on trends and patterns is a core responsibility. 

Libra: IT manager

libra zodiac illustration

Friendly and diplomatic Libras make great people managers as they have superior communication skills and a strong sense of justice that leads them to make fair and rational decisions. Libras are great problem solvers and find satisfaction in checking to-dos off their list, so they’re well-equipped to handle a large number of duties and responsibilities. Socially savvy and empathetic Libras will thrive (and do their best to create) a positive, harmonious work culture.

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Scorpio: Database administrator

scorpio zodiac illustration

Hardworking Scorpios will appreciate a role that keeps them busy. Scorpios are considered one of the most intelligent signs and can pick up the technical skills and database languages needed to perform data backups and security and access checks of the database with ease. Scorpios can be blunt and often prefer working independently over collaboratively, so a job that tends to be more solo is the perfect fit.

Sagittarius: Data scientist

saggitarius zodiac illustration

A data scientist extracts value out of large amounts of data to create innovative solutions that will help their company scale. In short, they need to be able to come up with creative, big-picture solutions. Enter the curious Sagittarius, with their creative mind and sharp business mentality. It also helps that data scientist roles are usually among the highest-paid in the IT field, making it a top choice for the money-minded Sagittarius.

Capricorn: Cybersecurity analyst

capricorn zodiac illustration

Capricorns are the responsible sort who won’t stop their efforts until a job is done well. They thrive on structure and discipline and have a strong moral compass. Hence, cybersecurity analyst is the perfect role for this serious sign. Their practicality and organization skills bode well for the role that requires them to constantly analyze trends and uncover patterns and threats, implement improvements, and predict future requirements. 

Aquarius: Software architect

aquarius zodiac illustration

Software architects need to be able to ask questions, synthesize information, and communicate clearly, all of which are key traits Aquarian folks have in spades. They are strong leaders who love direct and clear communication, making training and documentation of complicated software solutions a breeze. Technical skills are also key to the role, and Aquarians are natural knowledge lovers who are constantly picking up skills and finding new ways to innovate.

Pisces: Web designer

pisces zodiac illustration

Pisces are often led by intuition and emotion, making them best matched in roles that put their creative and artistic abilities to good use. They are defined by their out-of-the-box imaginations and typically work best with a certain degree of freedom, so having ownership of their projects will make Pisces happy. Little brings as much professional pleasure to Pisces than satisfying others and getting recognition for their work, so a happy client or stakeholder means a happy Pisces!

There you have it, the best tech jobs for you based on your zodiac sign!

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