Paid channel

Paid channel

Any marketing channel where you "pay to play," including display advertising, content syndication, search advertising, etc.

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Partner join source

A partner join source indicates the channel from which a partner applies to your program, whether from your owned channels (e.g. your website, email, paid ads, internal team outreach), referrals from existing partners, or through a partner network.

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Partner analytics


[pahrt·ner an·l·it·iks]

Partner analytics is the collection and interpretation of sets of business data specific to partnerships. Through an understanding partnerships analytics, partnership professionals can analyze the performance of a B2B SaaS company's partnership programs by breaking down the performance — and therefore, value —of partners in the ecosystem.

Some key metrics in partner analytics are:

  • Partner activation rate
  • Time to first (or second) sale
  • Partner engagement
  • Monthly new partners
  • Partner-sourced revenue

Through detailed tracking, synthesis and communication of partner program data and analytics, parternship managers can better analyze and boost performance of their programs.

Example: Businesses leverage partner analytics to gain actionable insights into the performance of their collaborative ventures, enabling data-driven decisions and fostering stronger, more strategic partnerships.

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