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Deactivated Link

Deactivated Link


A deactivated link is a URL that no longer directs users to a webpage. When you deactivate partner links, any clicks on those links will lead users to a 404 error page instead of the website. This action is typically taken to prevent referrals or leads from specific partners.

Deactivating links is particularly useful if you suspect fraudulent activities from a partner, such as sending bot-generated leads. Managing deactivated links is essential for the process of discontinuing partnerships or ensuring compliance with a program's integrity standards.

By deactivating links, companies maintain control over the quality of traffic and referrals coming into the site, safeguarding the business from potential misuse or abuse of partnership privileges. Moreover, deactivating links provides a structured approach to maintaining a clean and efficient partner ecosystem. It allows businesses to quickly respond to partnership issues without disrupting overall operations.

Strategically managing deactivated links also supports SEO efforts by preventing irrelevant or harmful traffic from impacting search engine rankings. This proactive approach reinforces the credibility and reliability of the website, enhancing user trust and overall brand reputation.


Jonie had to remove a partner from her program for sending bot leads through. One of the most important parts was deactivating the link so their referrals couldn't access the program page.

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