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Deal registration

Deal registration


Deal registration is a formal process common in reseller programs that ensures when a partner brings forward a new potential customer to a vendor they have the exclusive rights to pursue the sale, close the deal and earn additional partner rewards. It is a way to ensure other partners (or even the vendor themselves) do not compete with other partners by pursing already active leads.

Deal registration is a benefit to both the vendor and partner. For the vendor, it serves to incentivize their program partners to bring in new business leads and avoid conflict between channel partners and internal sales teams. For the partner, it protects their time investment as they pursue a potential customer.

Deal registration programs vary from vendor to vendor. Some deal registration programs may require that the partner has already met with a potential client or set up a meeting between the client and vendor.


Clark, who is part of a VAR program, finds an appropriate potential customer for the vendor. To secure the potential customer, Clark submits a deal registration form with the prospect’s details to the vendor.

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