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Monthly New Partnerships

Monthly New Partnerships


Monthly new partnerships is a metric that is used to track how many new partners join a partner program on a monthly basis. It’s a key metric that provides a pulse check on the growth of a partner program.

A steady stream of monthly new partnerships signals that a program is resonating with potential partners, and offers a compelling commission structure. It's also a testament to the effectiveness of recruitment efforts and the appeal of the brand or product.

Tracking monthly new partnerships helps gauge the scalability of a partner program and identify areas for improvement. A consistent influx of new partners validates a healthy pipeline, while a decline might flag the need to adjust recruitment strategies or refine the program benefits.

This metric also serves as a benchmark for measuring the success of partner acquisition campaigns, such as marketing efforts, events or referral programs.


A B2B document automation platform set a goal to increase monthly new partnerships by 15 per cent. To achieve this, they implemented a multi-pronged approach, including targeted advertising campaigns on LinkedIn, a referral program that incentivizes existing partners to bring in new ones, and joined the PartnerStack network.

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