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Integration Partner

Integration Partner


An integration partner, often referred to as a technology partner, is a software vendor whose product connects with another company's software.

By integrating together, these partners offer a more holistic and valuable solution to customers. In this unified partner ecosystem, customers can easily access a wide range of tools to add to their tech stack without experiencing any technical issues.

Integration partners can also benefit a company’s partner program by expanding audience reach. By tapping into each other's networks and customer bases, they can fuel lead generation and brand awareness at the same time. This includes the opportunity to work on co-marketing initiatives together.

Integration partners often follow a revenue-sharing model, earning a percentage of the revenue generated through their referral or co-selling efforts. This mutually beneficial arrangement creates an environment where partners are motivated to drive sales and maximize customer value.

By integrating with complementary solutions, B2B companies can gain a competitive edge and differentiate themselves from their competition, expand their market reach, and offer better solutions to customers.

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For PartnerStack, account mapping software companies are some of the most valuable integration partners because they help customers close deals faster.

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