Channel partners

Channel partners


[ch-ann-ul part-ner]

A channel partner works with another organization to market and sell their products or services through indirect channels. Channel partners may be vendors, affiliates, resellers, value-added resellers, agencies, retailers, managed service providers, systems integrators, or other such entities. Channel partners normally undertake co-marketing efforts together.

Channel partners work together as part of a channel partner program, which help companies sell more product to a wider audience through indirect channels. A company can work with different kinds of channel partners simultaneously.

Example: Lana worked with two kinds of channel partners, affiliates and referral partners, to sell and market her company's software.

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Co-marketing is core to partnerships. It is the act of two similar businesses joining together for a mutually-beneficial marketing partnership in order to reach new potential customers.

Co-marketing is often used interchangeably with the term co-branding, however co-branding requires that two companies join together to market a new collaborative product, while co-branding does necessitate the companies creating a new product. Instead they are using the partnership to market their already-existing owner service or product.

Example: Rajit developed a co-marketing campaign to expand his company's reach by working with a business that targeted a similar ideal customer.

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Customer ambassador


[cuss-toe-mur am-bass-a-der]

A customer ambassador is a satisfied customer who takes on a special role helping promote the company and its offerings to their peers. Customer ambassadors have experience with the product, believe in its value, and are willing to recommend it to others. They sometimes contribute to customer case studies, webinars, and other promotional activities for the company.

Customer ambassadors are an extremely important avenue of promotion since personal endorsements and recommendations are so highly valued in a buyer's journey. To spot customer ambassadors, look for successful, highly engaged customers who refer business to you.

Example: Kelly noticed a particular customer was the referral source for several new leads. She reached out to the customer and found they loved the product. Kelly invited the customer to participate in a webinar. Voila, a customer advocate!

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