Customer advocate

Customer advocate


[cuss-toe-mur ad-vo-kit]

A customer advocate is a devoted customer who believes in the value of your business and trusts your product(s) to be worthy of recommendation. They are willing to share their experiences with your product with others, which can greatly benefit your sales process. Customer advocates often collaborate with businesses on case studies, article posts, backlinks, and webinars.

Positive endorsement from existing customers is one of the most compelling tools a potential customer can use in a purchase decision. This makes customer advocates extremely valuable to your organization.

You may have customer advocates approach you, but more often you will have to identify them. Look for repeat customers, glowing reviews, and long-term relationships.

Example: You notice a longtime customer referring a lot of leads your way. You reach out to them and find they're super happy with your services. You ask them if they'd be interested in being a customer advocate, and you plan a webinar with them that brings in even more business. Yay!

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Co-selling is the act of bringing a third party partner from outside of the business to support and close a sales deal. By bringing in this external member to act as an extension of the sales team, it helps strengthen the sales pitch and close the deal.

Typically, a co-selling partner should be someone who has credibility in the space and can speak to why a SaaS product would be a good fit for the customer.

Example: To have successful co-selling relationship, your partner manager will need to develop a co-marketing plan to outline business goals and joint messaging for the two businesses.

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Churn, specifically in B2B SaaS, is the rate at which customers cancel or discontinue their use of a software service. Churn is an important metric to measure because it is more cost-effective to retain current customers than acquire new ones.

Reducing churn and increasing retention is often an important goal for SaaS organizations, as they increase the customer lifetime revenue and overall company revenue.

Example: By pursuing high-quality leads from partners, Shari was able to build trust, increase customer satisfaction and reduce churn at her organization.

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