Ad clicks


[uhd kli-ck]

Ad clicks are an important marketing metric that measures the website traffic from a digital ad to the advertiser's website. An ad click measures user interest in that ad and the advertiser's product, with the end goal being conversion through either a sale or lead.

In general, the higher the ad clicks, the more successful the ad. Affiliate marketing, paid search and display ad campaigns rely heavily on ad clicks as a metric to determine if the program was a success. Some related terms are cost per click (CPC), which is the total cost the advertiser pays per user clickthrough.

Example: The banner display ads yielded a total of nearly 600 ad clicks to the advertiser's website over the course of the campaign, with an 8% conversion rate.

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The process of enabling and mobilizing the partners you've recruited to perform valuable activities for your business (e.g. sharing a link, making a referral, or closing a deal.) Many programs will define partners as “active” as soon as they’ve made a single successful referral or sale, but this can vary by program, so it’s worth figuring out what determines whether a partner is truly active in your program. Common partner activation signals include first deal registration, first closed deal, or generating revenue for a set number of months.

Partner activation is different from partner onboarding. Activation requires the active participation of the partner in the program, so it normally occurs after a partner has successfully onboarded.

Example: The newest partner to join RayCorp's partner program achieved activation three months after they finished onboarding when they successfully closed their first deal.

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Application form


[app-li-cay-shun form]

Application forms consists of a series of questions that prospective partners have to answer before joining a partner program. While the questions on an application form will change depending on the program, they generally allow you to learn about a potential partner's fit for your program, including their goals, offerings, customer profile, and values.

The information found on an application form can help inform your decision to approve or decline partners that request to join your program.

Example: Beehive filled out the application form for the referral program at TechFront, and they were happy to find out TechFront approved them for the program based on their answers.

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