Nearbound, is an ecosystem-led go-to-market strategy coined by PartnerStack partner Reveal. Reveal defines Nearbound as "the most powerful revenue channel today". A Nearbound strategy involves (as the name would suggest) fully utilizing those near you — your ecosystem partners. Through a Nearbound strategy, the customer funnel can be optimized at every step of the sales funnel to bring more business intelligence and trust to your sales activities.

Example: By putting trust at the core, a Nearbound strategy can help deliver highly-qualified leads, growing revenue through more fast-closing deals.

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Net promoter score


[net pruh·mow·tr skor]

A net promoter score is a customer satisfaction metric in marketing that measures the likelihood that a customer would recommend a product or company to a colleague, family member or friend. It indicates stronger loyalty than just customer satisfaction, because it measures active promoters of a company. It is calculated by subtracting the percentage of detractors from the percentage of supporters, with -100 indicating that a company only has detractors, and 100 being only promoters. An NPS score can be determined with just one question: "How likely are you to recommend company or product X?" 

Example: To determine customer loyalty of her company's new software, Marie conducted a NPS survey that indicated a very positive net promoter score.

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New User Acquisition


[noo yoo·zr a·kwuh·zi·shn]

New user acquisition is metric that software vendors use to track how many new users have registered for their software. It is also known as user acquisition or customer acquisition. It's an important component in sales marketing that involves using strategic methods of reaching out to potential customers and persuading them to close the deal and purchase the SaaS.

Example: Krystal used the new customer acquisition numbers from the past quarter to determine whether her company needed to ramp up their user acquisition efforts in order to hit revenue targets for the next quarter.

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