Flat reward or flat commission

Flat reward or flat commission


[fl-at ree-ward, fl-at ko-mish-un]

A flat reward or flat commission is a rewards structure where partners are paid a fixed amount of money for a sale as opposed to a percentage of the deal. The amount paid for the lead or referral is the same regardless of the value of any potential sale that could occur as a result.

Commissions and rewards can also be paid as a percentage of the value of the sale made as a result of the lead or referral. Neither approach is wrong as long as your commission structure is appealing enough to incentive partners. When offering flat rewards, vendors should be aware of the risk of bad leads being sent for the purpose of earning money.

Example: If a referral program paid $20 for every qualified lead it was sent, that would be a flat reward or commission.

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Fraudulent transaction


[frau-dgu-lint trans-ak-shun]

A fraudulent transaction is an unauthorized referral or purchase that’s deliberately deceitful or risky. It's important that B2B SaaS sites use sophisticated fraud prevention software to protect the integrity of their transactions and detect suspicious activity right away.

PartnerStack's fraud suite performs a series of checks and flags suspicious activity, including but not limited to purchases that are made with an unverified payment source, purchases that exceed a predefined threshold, and referral IP address similarities.

Example: A fraudulent buyer tried to make a purchase with a bad payment source, but PartnerStack's fraud prevention suite flagged it right away. No fraud here!

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