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Life Cycle Management

Life Cycle Management


Life cycle management, or LCM or ITLCM, is a business management approach to improve the sustainability of a SaaS product through its lifespan. At the crux of it, LCM is the practice of ensuring that the product delivers continual value.

In the context of B2B SaaS, life cycle management (LCM) refers to the strategic approach of acquiring customers, keeping them happy and extracting maximum value throughout their relationship with your software.  It focuses on all the stages a customer goes through, from initial awareness to becoming a loyal advocate.  By effectively managing this lifecycle, SaaS companies can aim to  increase customer lifetime value (CLTV).

Furthermore, positive LCM can also add value to potential partnership opportunities. Satisfied customers are more likely to become advocates through referral or affiliate links.


PartnerStack's PRM  allows for more effective life cycle management, helping SaaS businesses nurture leads, convert them into paying customer and keep them happy over the long term.

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