Partner activation

Partner activation


[pahrt·ner ak·tuh·vay·shun]

Partner activation is the act of Mobilizing the partners you've recruited and motivating them to complete tasks that are beneficial to your business. By engaging and enabling a partner, they are able to effectively promote and sell your software or services to their own customer network. The partner activation process typically involves providing training, resources, marketing materials, and support to help partners drive adoption and generate revenue.

Example: The strategy for our referral partner program includes comprehensive partner activation, to ensure that our collaborators have the necessary tools and knowledge to successfully pitch and implement our software within their client organizations.

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PartnerStack Marketplace

A marketplace where partners can search for and discover new companies to partner with.

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Partner network


[part-nur net-work]

A partner network is a SaaS vendor's group of affiliates, referral partners, and/or reseller partners. These partners help to market and sell the vendor's product, receiving different commissions or cuts based on their partner type and agreement.

Some vendors will have only one kind of partner in their network (for example, if they only have an affiliate program), and some will run more than one kind of partnership within their network (for example, having both affiliate and referral partners). Vendors are responsible for providing their partner network with the required training, resources, certifications, and incentives required for the partners to market and sell their products.

Example: Lookwin runs an affiliate partner program and a referral partner program. Their partner network consists of every company involved in either program, whom they support with required education to sell their product and reward with commission payouts for sales and leads.

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