Marketing qualified lead (MQL)

Marketing qualified lead (MQL)


[mar-ket-ing kwaa·luh·fide leed]

A marketing qualified lead (MQL) is a potential customer that was brought in through marketing efforts and satisfies the requirements to be passed on to the sales team. MQLs can be used by marketing teams to assess the quality and quantity of leads they generate. They can be an important key performance indicator (KPI) for marketing teams to track.

Example: An obvious benefit of marketing promotion of a partner programs is their ability to bring in marketing qualified leads.

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A measure of the partner-sourced revenue that's generated on a monthly basis.

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Marketing partner

Also known as an affiliate partner. A marketing partner drives traffic to your properties through tracked links, and earns a cut of your profits when that traffic converts. They are able to expand the reach of your brand by promoting to their respective niche audiences.

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