Also referred to as reward tiers. Tiers are essentially different compensation structures partners can be part of. Usually, each tier or level has it’s on requirements that partners need to meet in order to gain access to that reward structure. It is a great way to motivate your partners by offering them a way to graduate towards better compensation as they drive move value through your program.

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Technology partnerships

A technology partnership is when companies develop integration capabilities for each other’s product which is why it is sometimes referred to as an integration partnerships. This partnerships involves exchanging and enriching data to ultimately offer more value to the customer and end-user.

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Time to first sale

A measure of the time it takes for new partners to close their first sale after they've been recruited into their program. The faster you can help partners make their first sale, the more likely they are to stick around and drive long-term revenue. This metric is great for illustrating the scalability of a program to the executive leadership team.

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