Strategic partnerships

Strategic partnerships

Strategic partnerships are relationships between two entities (most commonly two companies) with overlapping or complementary products or services that aim to achieve a mutually beneficial result. Strategic partnerships are also commonly referred to as an alliance or joint venture.

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SaaS partner programs


[sas pahrt-ner proh-grams]

SaaS (software-as-a-service) partner programs are a systematic way that software companies form mutually beneficial relationships with agencies, influencers, and other companies to drive business results. Partner programs can take many forms, including affiliate marketing programs, referral marketing programs, reseller partnerships, technology partnerships, customer ambassador programs, and distributor partnerships.

Companies rely on partners to help them drive a wide variety of sales and marketing initiatives, including driving traffic to corporate websites, referring qualified leads, and even closing new business deals directly on a company’s behalf. In technology partnerships, many software companies build integrations that allow data and workflows to pass from one system to the next. For example, Vidyard (a video marketing platform) integrates into Marketo (a marketing automation platform). The two companies also engage in co-marketing efforts to help drive qualified leads to one another. 

See also: Channel sales

Example: As a digital-first environment has increasingly predominated, SaaS partner programs have become a common way that software businesses drive revenue efficiently.

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Segments (aka "Groups")

Segments are various groups of your customers who share common attribute(s) and therefore need different personalized attention from your team in order to reach their full potential as partners. You can provide various segments with personalized attention in the form of specific engagement campaigns, educational resources, enablement events, or reward schemes. Common ways to segment your partners:-Type of organization (e.g. universities, agencies, SaaS companies)-Job role (e.g. consultants, students, influencers)-Location (e.g. North America, LatAm, and EMEA)-Tier (silver, gold, and platinum tiers — where higher sellers get a larger revenue cut)

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