Segmentation is a useful tool for categorizing partners within your partnership program. Segments are based on one or a combination of many tags. You can provide various segments with personalized attention in the form of specific engagement campaigns, educational resources, enablement events, or reward schemes.

Common ways to segment your partners include: By type of organization (e.g. universities, agencies, SaaS companies), job role (e.g. consultants, students, influencers), by loocation (e.g. North America, LatAm, and EMEA), by partnership tier (silver, gold, and platinum tiers — where higher sellers get a larger revenue cut).

Example: Using PartnerStack's platform, you can leverage the data around your existing partner base to create segments.

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Sell-through, or sell-through rate (STR), is the amount or percentage of goods that have been sold to an end customer relative to the total available quantity of goods. A high sell-through demonstrates the effectiveness of a SaaS company's marketing efforts and sales strategies.

Example: Our B2B SaaS company achieved significant growth through our sell-through strategy with a key partner, as they successfully marketed and sold our software to their existing client network, resulting in a substantial increase in SaaS sold.

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Strategic partnerships

Strategic partnerships are relationships between two entities (most commonly two companies) with overlapping or complementary products or services that aim to achieve a mutually beneficial result. Strategic partnerships are also commonly referred to as an alliance or joint venture.

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