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Is it time to reevaluate your processes and workflows? Your desire to focus on the parts of the job you love is clear.
This card can indicate a longing to connect — suggesting untapped potential partners may be a few clicks away.
This card warns partnership pros to pay attention to where their money is going.
Managing partnerships in spreadsheets? New tools are coming into your work life — prepare yourself for a leap of faith.
This card is a positive omen for perfect partnerships — assuming the work being done is mutually beneficial.
No clear way of measuring partnerships and tracking results? These woes are common — and you’re not alone.
This card represents advisors who are doling out advice without actually doing the work themselves.
Though the temptation of building an army in the form of a direct sales is strong, this card calls for a pause before action.
Being overly reliant on short-term boosts without sustainable growth may hinder your bigger picture.
Strength and inspiration root in your efforts to activate — you have the ability to empower partners to sell at their best.
Planning can feel daunting at the start — look out for those who do not have a broad look ahead.
If your program relies on partners to self-report results, this card asks you to verify it.
This card urges partnership pros to turn inwards to discover a fresh approach.
This card calls for a perspective shift as you sniff out hidden opportunities within your ecosystem.
This is a fortuitous card that represents new energy, especially for those considering joining a B2B network.
Being overly focused on ICP or IPP may limit opportunities in your partnerships.
This card symbolizes the chaos of the market and the forces that aren’t within your control.
Every partnership pro must report back to their executive leadership, proving the continual worthiness of the investment in partnerships.

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