Partner Engagement

The Holy Grail Sequence

By reminding partners of the value of your partnership and offering them new incentives, you can encourage them to become active again. Learn how to create an effective email sequence to re-engage partners.
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Adam Faber
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Email sequences are an important tool for engaging partners and building stronger relationships. They can be used to provide valuable information about new products, services or features and upcoming events and other important updates. Setting up email sequences can save you time and help you communicate with your partners more effectively. 

  • Start by creating a segment (using tags) of non-performing partners 
  • Develop a sequence of five to seven emails to re-activate partners across a span of 30 days
  • Provide information on how to promote their link or drive referrals
  • If your partners still have not driven any traffic at the end of the 30 days, they may not be a fit for your program