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This card is a positive omen for perfect partnerships — assuming the work being done is mutually beneficial.
Strength and inspiration root in your efforts to activate — you have the ability to empower partners to sell at their best.
If your program relies on partners to self-report results, this card asks you to verify it.
As you look ahead, there’s been something holding you back from immediate action. This reading suggests you know just where you want to go — but when The Stagnant Seller shows up in a reading, it indicates a lack of inspiration or motivation weighing you down. Of course, this is not your fate — rather, it’s a mirror for a moment in time and reflects your current circumstance so you can course-correct now. You have the strength to pick the right path to move forward.

Confidence can be tricky to build in constantly shifting markets, but The Severed Handshake asks you to double-check documents and reports for any mistakes, big or small. Approaching your work meticulously will benefit you now.

The positivity of The Missed Connection is infectious and calls your attention to connect with right-fit partners now. Whether through a neighbouring network or a Partner Discovery Tool, this phase is perfect for matching with revenue-generating partners that strengthen your ecosystem. Your partner program will shine in the joyful light of the sun.
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