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Planning can feel daunting at the start — look out for those who do not have a broad look ahead.
Every partnership pro must report back to their executive leadership, proving the continual worthiness of the investment in partnerships.
Being overly focused on ICP or IPP may limit opportunities in your partnerships.
You are carrying a heavy burden on your back. Overloaded with pressure and responsibilities, the weight of revenue success weighs heavily in your mind. When The Misguided Archer appears in your spread, it encourages you to take a step back from your current strategy to assess if the tactics you used to win in the past are actually the ones that will earn you future success. The message here is to explore opportunities and consider thinking outside the box.

Vision can feel blurry when nerves distract you from your next step. The Broken Compass wants you to push through discomfort and plan ahead — reminding you that there will always be room to pivot, with good leadership on your side.

Fluidity, growth and revenue are forecasted in your future, given you understand your data and critically analyze your strategy before executing on it. Balance long-term strategy with short-term goals for the ripest fruits in B2B SaaS.

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