How Moosend generated 10.6% of ARR from partnerships

How Moosend generated 10.6% of ARR from partnerships

“We were struggling to retain partners each month. This started to become easier through the PartnerStack Marketplace — we saw traffic coming as soon as when we migrated from the previous software to PartnerStack. And then we had to work on other strategies including customer outreach and link building in order to bring some traffic and help people get to know our affiliate program better.”

Marina Retziou
Affiliate Marketing Manager
The Problem

Prior to working with PartnerStack, Moosend’s partner program included a manual workflow of creating referral links and partner payouts. Beyond that, they were challenged with actioning on new innovative ways to engage and activate their current partners.

The Solution

Automated referral links and partner payouts through PartnerStack’s PRM were a game changer for the Moosend partner team. The Sitecore company was also eager to hone in on partner engagement and activation through an innovative strategy utilizing partner challenges.

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