How PushOwl achieved 19.5% YoY in partner-driven revenue

"PartnerStack handles the tech including payouts, scaling, tools through the platform. It frees us up so we can stick to what we're good at here at Brevo and PushOwl: real human connections. It's simpler for our partners now. We focus on the relationships while PartnerStack manages the rest. It's growth without the hassle."

Dulé Stojnic
Head of Sales and Marketing
The Problem

PushOwl was bootstrapping their affiliate program until the volume of manual payouts reached a tipping point and became a struggle for the team to keep up with. Operating as a small team structure, manual payouts and partner logistics became increasingly time consuming and their biggest roadblock to scaling their program.

The Solution

PartnerStack was able to immediately start automating partner payouts and offer their partners full visibility into their monetization. Additionally, PartnerStack was able to step in and pick up the operational day-to-day workload of managing a partner program (attribution model, transactional triggering, partner engagement) so PushOwl’s small team could focus on growing the program.

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