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Celebrating the Winners of the SaaS Partnerships Awards 2023

With over 150 nominations and more than 1,000 votes, here are the six winners of the SaaS Partnerships Awards 2023.

The SaaS Partnerships Awards celebrate the best partnership leaders and top industry-leading partner programs in the world of B2B SaaS in 2023. The six award categories presented this year recognize the innovation happening in the partnerships space today. 

These awards include:

  • Partnerships Leader of the Year
  • Up-and-Coming Partner Program
  • Best Partner Experience
  • Top Use of Technology
  • Top Partner of the Year
  • Certified Partner of the Year

With more than 150 nominations submitted and over 1,000 votes cast, we are happy to share our winners of the SaaS Partnerships Awards 2023. 

Partnerships Leader of the Year

A leader in SaaS who demonstrates ambition and generosity with others in their role.

A headshot of Dor Winter from

Dor Winter, 

Dor Winter has been a key player in building and scaling’s successful partner program, which, in 2021, resulted in growing partner-driven sales by 200% YoY. This year, he has continued that success in his role through increased program participation and optimized company processes. Winter has been recognized at for his achievements — increasing revenue, securing partnerships with key industry players, presenting at industry events, and much more. Winter is not only crushing it in his role, but is an absolute gem to work with and is always striving to do his best and help in any way that he can. Through his leadership, others in the industry can benefit from the incredible example he has set through the revenue-driving work that he does.

"I am truly honored to receive the Partnership Leader Award for 2023. However, I must acknowledge that this trophy and recognition do not solely belong to me. It is a testament to the incredible collaboration of thousands of partners worldwide, working alongside various departments within, our esteemed vendor. Partnership, to me, is about discovering mutual benefits and leveraging the collective power and knowledge of the ecosystem. Together, our united strength far surpasses that of individual efforts. I am grateful to be orchestrating the symphony of this extraordinary partnership program."

-Dor Winter, Referral Partnership Manager

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Up-and-Coming Partner Program

An organization that has shown the greatest momentum since launching its partner program.

A logo for Figma, the winner of Up-and-Coming Partner Program

Figma is an outstanding example of a company with the ability to scale fast while creating impact in the SaaS space. As a newer PartnerStack customer, they have secured a large volume of signups to their affiliate partner program from a limited group of partners in just a few short months. Their growth mindset has enabled them to leverage experimentation with new offers and incentives and validate the offerings that perform best with a variety of partners. They are setting a solid foundation for a program poised to experience continual growth.

“Figma's vision is to make design accessible to all, and this award showcases our dedication to turning that vision into reality. We created the Affiliate Partner Program less than a year ago to recognize and reward Figma's loyal superfans. The remarkable four times growth in the first six months is a result of our affiliate partners' hard work and dedication—we have so much gratitude for this community! Exciting plans are in the works to make the program even more rewarding, so stay tuned.”

-Lily Dinh, Marketing Operations & Growth

Best Partner Experience

An organization that empowers their partners with education, resources, and a strong end-to-end experience.

The logo for Vendasta, the Best Partner Experience

Vendasta always puts their partners at the forefront; something that is evident through the way they run their partner program. They are building a world-class experience because the Vendasta team takes partner enablement and engagement seriously and never fails to have a partner-first approach to their work. How? They consistently launch partner challenges, have recently upgraded their Partner Certification Course, and have built a detailed and thorough partner onboarding campaign. This resulted in 67 per cent year-over-year growth in revenue for their Certified Partner Program in just a matter of months. 

“We are immensely grateful to PartnerStack for recognizing Vendasta with the Best Partnership Experience Award. This accolade is a testament to the collaborative spirit and dedication the Vendasta team shares with our partners. We extend our appreciation to the entire Vendasta Affiliate Community for their unwavering support, and we look forward to continuing our journey together, creating exceptional experiences and driving mutual success.”

- Kassigan Naicker, Director of Marketplaces & Alliances

Top Use of Technology

An organization that expertly uses their entire tech stack to create value through partnerships.

The logo for Workable, winner of Top Use of Technology

Workable’s innovative approach and tech-savvy solutions have created immense value through partnerships, especially evident through their use of PartnerStack’s customer referral widget to enable a frictionless experience for their customers to join their referral program. They’ve effectively leveraged triggers and integrations to level up their engagement with partners and elevate their program’s performance. Workable is paving the way for the future of ecosystems. They are an inspiration and best-in-class example for all our customers!

“We knew that the effective use of technology would be critical to delivering an exceptional partner experience at scale. With that in mind, we set the foundations early with tight integration between our PRM and CRM (PartnerStack and Salesforce). This year we’ve experienced a 45% YoY increase in partner-sourced revenue and grown the ecosystem to 450 partners, across five programs. Having the solid tech stack running in the background gives us the confidence and time to focus on building relationships and driving growth with our partners.”

-Chris Gorsuch, Senior Manager of Partnerships

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Top Partner of the Year

A network partner excelling in building relationships and growing revenue.

The logo for Technology Advice, the Top Partner of the Year

TechnologyAdvice has been awarded the honor of Top Partner of the Year for their outstanding contributions, dedication, and commitment to excellence that has been instrumental in building relationships and growing revenue. They are truly powerhouses in nurturing partnerships, and they work seamlessly with PartnerStack to identify the best opportunities and deliver results as fast as they can. Their explosive growth has resulted in a significant increase in their headcount to the partnership team in order to keep up with all the great work they’re doing with our amazing customers!  

“We are so thankful for everyone who voted for us, and are honored to have won the Top Partner of the Year award. It has been great to be able to work closely with so many partners this year and see so much mutually beneficial growth. We can’t wait to see what 2024 brings!”

-Partnerships Team - TechnologyAdvice 

Certified Partner of the Year

The top PartnerStack partner in PartnerStack's very own Certified Program.

The logo for AIM, the Certified Partner of the Year

AIM’s strong marketing support, expertise, and consistency in delivering high-quality results have set an inspiring standard within the PartnerStack community and turned them into a top revenue driver in the network in 2023. They continue to lead several of our customers in successfully managing and scaling their partner programs — as they did with Unbounce, helping them grow their mature partner program 18 per cent YoY.

“AIM is truly honored to be given this award as PartnerStack's Certified Partner of the Year.  We have built a strong relationship across the different teams at PartnerStack and this is a great recognition of many of the outcomes we've had over the years. Whether it's working together to support our mutual clients, partnering on industry content or working through product enhancements to solve the many challenges of B2B SaaS brands, we've both been driven to provide the services, support and tools to scale partnerships and affiliate programs.

-Jason Lilien, Sr. Director B2B

We’d like to congratulate all of the incredible individuals and companies among the nominees and finalists this year for all they’ve achieved in partnerships.

We are so excited to celebrate the six winners of the SaaS Partnerships Awards! Each deserving winner has demonstrated unparalleled dedication, creativity, and an unwavering commitment to driving success in partnerships. Their contributions are truly reshaping the industry as they pave the path for the future.

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