How to Ace Your Partner Marketplace Listing

Strengthen your presence on the Marketplace with four tips and tricks to attract more high-quality partners.

The PartnerStack Marketplace is home to more than 300 partner programs and 80,000+ active partners, making it the world’s largest B2B SaaS network of partners. With over $1B in partner-sourced revenue driven through PartnerStack's partner ecosystem, listing in the PartnerStack Marketplace allows our curated network of world-class affiliate, referral and reseller partners to come to you. But what makes a strong listing that draws in those revenue-driving partnerships? 

Whether you’re new to partnerships or looking to enhance your current listing, here are tips and tricks from PartnerStack’s Customer Success Manager, Katie Hart, to strengthen your presence on the PartnerStack Marketplace. 

What is a PartnerStack Marketplace listing?

A listing posted on PartnerStack’s Marketplace provides potential partners with a comprehensive overview of a partner program, how it works and what a partner needs to know about the company prior to joining the program.  

A great PartnerStack Marketplace listing consists of:

  • A company description
  • Program reward structure
  • And a description of how the partner program works

You will also be able to answer other questions relevant to your partnership offerings, which we recommend to have a complete Marketplace profile.

A screenshot of PartnerStack's company listing on the PartnerStack Marketplace

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How to create a strong PartnerStack Marketplace listing

To set your listing up for success on PartnerStack or any other marketplace, you’ll want to consider the following.

Positioning: Know your market value

When filling out your company description, position your description to speak directly to your potential partners as opposed to your end customers. Partners in our network get unlimited access to browse and apply to all Marketplace programs, so ensuring your listing stands out and speaks to the targeted audience will help enhance your visibility within the Marketplace. 

You’ll want to use this real estate to explain to partners the value of joining your program; and how it will help their audiences solve their current pain points. In the PartnerStack Marketplace, this section has a maximum character limit of 255 characters, so keep it short and sweet!

A best-in-class example:

Alliance Virtual Offices has done an amazing job at crafting its company description with its ideal partner profile in mind, calling out who would most benefit from its software while also concisely explaining what the company does. 

A screenshot showing the back end of a company Martketplace listing in the PartnerStack Marketplace, indicating how to update the company description

How to update your company description in PartnerStack:

To update your company description, head to Settings > Profile > Description > Save changes


In order to keep your Marketplace listing transparent and competitive, you’ll want to include the average earning potential partners can receive. Prospective partners may not be aware of your program’s competitive reward structure, so it’s key to highlight this information to attract those partners who are an ideal match for the opportunity. To a prospective partner, it’s not always obvious that your partner program offers a competitive reward structure, so highlighting this information can attract more partners and help align your offering with partners seeking similar opportunities.

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A best-in-class example:

A good offer sentence might be: “Earn 20 per cent commission on each sale your referrals make for 12 months.”

How to make it a great offer sentence: “Earn 20 per cent commission on each sale your referrals make for 12 months. That’s an average of $3,000 per customer.” 

Including the second sentence makes this offer more compelling because it adds specificity and tangibility to the earning potential. This significantly impacts your listing and helps potential partners better understand the potential financial benefits they might accrue through the partnership, making the opportunity more enticing and easier to visualize.

How to update your offer in PartnerStack 

If you’re interested in updating your offer, head to Settings > Partner pages > Scroll down to Marketplace listing section > Edit Marketplace offer > Save changes

Get creative with formats and consider using video

Your PartnerStack Marketplace listing doesn’t have to be all text it can also be effective to include video. After all, 91 per cent of businesses use video as a marketing tool, according to Wyzowl Research. Getting creative with video is a great way to stand out from the crowd and visually engage potential partners, while also delivering essential information about your partner program.

Adding an informative and branded video to the generic “How it works” section on your PartnerStack Marketplace program page can help demonstrate how your partner program works and generate excitement for joining your program. Aiming for a duration time between one to two minutes is a good sweet spot.

A best in class example:

SimpleTexting utilizes video within its marketplace listing to convey its software and its partnership program. By demonstrating how a typical partner in their program operates with a clear call to action, it’s clear what a potential partner can expect — and they’re prompted to take the next step to join the program.

Combining both text and video makes for a well-rounded strategy and provides a more engaging and impactful way to communicate information.

How to add a video to your PartnerStack Marketplace listing:

Email with a hosted video link and they will add the video to your PartnerStack program page.

Adding keywords to support the discovery of your program

You can add additional keywords to your program description that are searchable by Marketplace partners in the PartnerStack program directory. Adding keywords to your Marketplace description can be beneficial for several reasons:

  • Having relevant keywords in your description can improve the chances of your program appearing in search results. This visibility can lead to more clicks, engagement, and ultimately, higher conversion.
  • Keywords make your program description more informative. This gives partners a better idea of your program's focus and relevance to their interests.
  • By including specific keywords related to your potential partner's interests or pain points, you can attract the right partners who are more likely to engage and convert.

That said, it's important to use keywords naturally and avoid keyword stuffing, which overloads your description with too many keyword phrases that do not read naturally.

There is a pre-set list of 20 different industries available in the PartnerStack dashboard to create this added visibility for your program.

A screenshot of the backend of a PartnerStack Marketplace listing that indicated how to update the Marketplace offer and keywords

How to add keywords to your PartnerStack Marketplace listing: 

To add searchable keywords to your listing, head to Settings > Partner pages > Scroll down to Marketplace listing section > Searchable keywords > Select from list > Save changes

Your PartnerStack Marketplace listing is more than just information on a screen; it's an invitation, an opportunity to captivate a curated network of high-quality partners in B2B SaaS. 

With these tips and tricks, you can take your listing to the next level to create a strong PartnerStack Marketplace presence where, no matter your ideal partner profile, you can find partners that will help you unlock the full value of your indirect sales channel and fuel your revenue strategy. 

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