The B2B buyer's guide to partnerships software

Most partner relationship management (PRM) software isn't built for B2B. This in-depth guide, created just for B2B buyers, helps you pick the right platform.

Looking for new partner management software to grow your partner program — or launch your very first one? If you're selling software to businesses, you'll want to choose carefully.

The truth is that most partner relationship management (PRM) software just isn't built for B2B, meaning many SaaS businesses end up choosing partnerships software that fail to scale with their growth, and provide a sub-par experience to partners.

We've created the B2B buyer's guide to partnerships software to help you build your list of criteria when looking for a new platform to manage your partnerships.

In this in-depth guide, you'll learn:

  • What makes B2B partnerships different, and why B2C tactics won't cut it
  • How to save time and money with partner program automation
  • The fastest way to get qualified partners into your program
  • Why it’s critical to prioritize the partner experience