How Close acquired 18% of customers through partnerships

"PartnerStack saves us upwards of 50 hours a quarter, and lets us be more creative and proactive. Their team introduces us to new partners and helps us strategize how to grow our program. It's been a complete game-changer."

James Urie
Senior Partnerships Manager

The Problem

Close was struggling with the payouts of their partner program. Every quarter, their finance team had to audit commissions and send out physical cheques to a mailing address. This administration process was tough, Close was using a platform that tracked the transactions that should be paid and the internal teams had to manage several approvals.

The Solution

After the integration was set up, the result was immediate. Commissions associated with the partner program became a systemic monthly automatic payment. Close's biggest challenge was solved and the time back allowed the team to get more creative and proactive in the process.

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