How Carbon6 uses PartnerStack to scale for efficiency

"PartnerStack amalgamated all our affiliate programs and it was just way easier to do projections, way easier to do exports, way easier to integrate to our CRM — and way easier to integrate to all of our systems. Without PartnerStack, it would have been impossible."

Phil Cha
Affiliate Manager
The Problem

Carbon6 was struggling to find a PRM that could handle integrating multiple tools and their respective affiliate programs. In addition, Carbon6 had difficulty tracking analytics and revenue across all their programs due to manual payment methods and other systems.

The Solution

PartnerStack integrated into Carbon6's CRM and other systems and amalgamated all the different affiliate programs and consolidated data that was easy to track and export. Additionally, partners were now empowered to setup their preferred payment methods and had easy access to their data and links in one dashboard.

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