How Freshworks grew 30% YoY in affiliate sourced MRR

"PartnerStack stands as the cornerstone of our partner management strategy. It streamlined processes, offered real-time insights and ensured accurate commission handling. Their exceptional support has been crucial to our growth, resulting in increased leads and revenue. PartnerStack is a game-changer for partnership success — saving time and enhancing relationships."

Anitha Sridhar
Affiliate Partnerships & Growth
The Problem

Freshworks has a large suite of products and was eager to grow their partner programs focused on affiliates. The SaaS solution for businesses needed tech to consolidate and streamline their work.

The Solution

Freshworks uses PartnerStack to manage and grow their affiliate partner program that support its large suite of products. From onboarding and tracking partners to paying them for the business they drive, Freshworks is able to support its entire partner ecosystem from a single platform.

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