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PartnerStack celebrates International Women’s Day 2023

Promoting equity to support women in tech.

Toronto — March 6, 2023 — PartnerStack is standing behind women in the partnership space within tech and is amplifying the work of women partnership leaders for International Women’s Day 2023.

Launching a purpose-driven social impact campaign in B2B SaaS may seem foreign for the space, but PartnerStack is starting important conversations by amplifying women partnership leaders who are shining a light on the issues women face within the industry. 

Created by women for women, Chloe Tse, Senior Manager, Content Marketing, said, “With tech as a growing industry, we have the opportunity to be on the right side of history from the get-go. It’s important that PartnerStack and its powerful ecosystem can make an impact that matters for women in the B2B SaaS space. On International Women’s Day 2023, I am pleased to share PartnerStack’s Women Leading Partnerships campaign that will start an important conversation we hope to continue throughout the year — supporting and amplifying the good work women leaders are doing in the space.”

Starting and keeping this conversation going requires constant critical thinking, consideration, ongoing leadership, courage and commitment.

With women only holding 26.7% of the positions in tech-related jobs, according to Statista, it’s clear we need to promote equity and intentionally encourage opportunities for women in tech while also calling out gender biases.

Last year, PartnerStack launched a DEI program to support all identities and intersections at the tech startup. The program provides training, encourages understanding, supports challenging bias and aims to make the workforce more equitable for all employees. PartnerStack also refreshed a number of policies including its Parental Leave policy, which recognizes the importance of shared care, supporting opportunities in the workplace and the wider community for women. 

“We are early in our journey and fully committed to fostering stronger DEI inside PartnerStack so we can improve the experience of all our people and better impact the ecosystem that we support,” said Angela Hountalas, Chief People Officer at PartnerStack.

To help raise awareness and support better representation of women in the space, this International Women’s Day, leaders and male allies will be passing the mic to support the amplification of women partner leaders in the industry.

“Partnerships are at the heart of our business and we aim for equity within our ecosystem. I am thrilled to be celebrating International Women’s Day and helping to amplify the women leaders within our community and beyond,” said Bryn Jones, CEO of PartnerStack.

The Celebrating Women Leading Partnerships campaign will also host a panel discussion and networking event on March 21, 2023 with industry leaders to support the conversation.

About PartnerStack

PartnerStack is an ecosystem platform designed to orchestrate and scale your entire partner ecosystem across B2B SaaS. With over 80,000+ active partners in their network, PartnerStack reaches more of your ideal market and can easily help you build, grow, and manage a thriving partner program — so that revenue is always running with the right people. 

In 2022, PartnerStack Network of 80,000+ active partners drove over 2 million end-customer signups for our 500+ software customers.

Whether you’re looking to expand your reach, drive more sales, or build a loyal community of brand ambassadors, PartnerStack has everything you need to carve a seamless partnerships journey from start to finish. Our PRM removes the pain and high costs of managing partnerships with features like customizable partner portals, automated commission tracking, and real-time analytics.

PartnerStack has been named:

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  • Deloitte’s 2022 Technology Fast 500 Companies
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  • #1 Partner Management Software for 10 consecutive quarters
  • #1 Ecosystem Management Software (since the introduction of the category)

PartnerStack is your go-to-market growth platform for affiliate partners to drive traffic, referral partners to bring you qualified leads, and reseller partners to sell your product directly to customers.


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