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Build Your Own Partner Marketplace With Partner Fleet and PartnerStack

Seamlessly connect your partner marketplace listing to the rest of your partner ecosystem with this integrated solution.

The PartnerStack team is excited to share how our integration with Partner Fleet, a turnkey solution for launching your own partner marketplace on your website or directly inside your app, can help enable your partnership program to scale.

Launching your own marketplace makes it easier for your customers to discover integrations or complementary service providers that work with your product, while also  driving more business to your most valued partners. But building your own marketplace from scratch requires significant time and development resources — things you might not have to spare.

Partner Fleet changes the equation, making it an easy lift to get your marketplace up and running quickly, without any coding. And now with Partner Fleet's integration with PartnerStack, you can have your partner marketplace seamlessly connect to the rest of your partner ecosystem.

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How Partner Fleet can power your marketplace

An example of a marketplace powered by Partner Fleet.

The core of Partner Fleet is its partner directory, which highlights all of the partners inside of your marketplace. Your customers can browse your partner directory to find products and services connected to your product, and fill out a form to connect directly with your partners. You can share your partner directory on your website, or embed it directly into your app.

Partner Fleet gives your partners complete control over their directory listings too, allowing your partners to manage their partner listing directly, like branding their landing page with their logo and description and customizing the lead submission form that appears on their page.

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How PartnerStack and Partner Fleet work together

The integration between Partner Fleet and PartnerStack makes it easy to track and attribute partner leads that come through your marketplace.

The PartnerStack and Partner Fleet integration allows you to:

  • Send leads generated on your Partner Fleet marketplace directly to PartnerStack with unique tracking and attribution
  • See the status of marketplace leads in both PartnerStack and Partner Fleet
  • Automatically create a partner account within Partner Fleet upon creation in PartnerStack, and send invite to Partner Fleet

We’re thrilled to be working with the team at Partner Fleet to make it easier for every business to include their own marketplace in their partner ecosystem strategy. 

“When we were looking into partnerships solutions at our previous company, a clear winner quickly emerged: PartnerStack,” said Cody Sunkel, co-founder and VP Growth at Partner Fleet. “After launching PartnerStack alongside our own custom integrations marketplace, we realized that other companies must be facing the same challenges launching their own marketplaces for their ecosystems — which led us to create Partner Fleet. Today, our integration with PartnerStack makes it easy for any PartnerStack customer to launch their own marketplace.”

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