How WhatConverts landed 100+ customers in less than 10 months

“PartnerStack makes it incredibly easy for us to showcase how our partnership channel is evolving month-over-month. We love how easy it is to track how our partners grow and monitor their health”

Jeremy Helms
The Problem

WhatConverts’ biggest challenge was building out a partnership infrastructure that was flexible and could fit their unique product and customers. While WhatConverts already had affiliates, they were struggling to fully engage, educate, and empower those affiliates without a system in place.

The Solution

PartnerStack’s onboarding support, including an implementation manager, support team, and educational material, enabled WhatConverts to quickly and successfully kickstart their partner program. Immediately, PartnerStack was able to optimize their processes with automated rewards, partner analytics, and a dashboard to provide content for hungry partners.

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