How Printify saves 10 hours a month with PartnerStack

"I'm happy we chose PartnerStack because it helps a lots with different aspects of our work, including communication, creating reports, exploring new ways of attracting affiliates, and bringing in more customers."

Sofija Aleksejeva
Affiliate Marketing Manager
The Problem

Printify's biggest challenge was finding a PRM that would streamline their workflows and communication. Previously, Printify was manually paying partners every month which was extremely time consuming. Printify was also struggling with communication, with no simple way to effectively communicate with partners.

The Solution

PartnerStack was immediately able to optimize Printify's relationship with their partners. With built-in features to automate payments and segment communication, Printify was able to motivate their partners by setting up custom commission offers and bonuses. Since joining PartnerStack, Printify has seen an increase in the number of active partners.

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